Buildings & Grounds

Welcome to Buildings & Grounds.

Buildings & Grounds is responsible for the day-to-day operation and condition of over 50 buildings and over 156 acres of grounds. This division is made up of teams of dedicated and skilled technicians trained in the trades required for the repair, maintenance and alteration of the colleges buildings and grounds.

To request Maintenance repairs contact the Campus Managers office or submit a work request.

For an after hours emergency contact Campus Police Dispatch at 512-223-7999.

Work request

Requests include:

  • Replacing light bulbs
  • plumbing problems
  • electrical repairs/resetting breakers
  • adjusting room temperatures
  • air conditioning and heating repairs
  • room painting
  • replacing ceiling or floor tiles
  • pest control,
  • hanging pictures or bulletin boards
  • repairing door hardware or locks
  • landscape irrigation repairs and special grounds requests.

Project request

Work request that involve building modifications are required to go through an approval process.

Emergency request

To report a maintenance emergency during normal business hours contact the Campus Managers Office. Examples of these emergencies are:

  • flood
  • personnel stuck in an elevator,
  • a broken window,
  • an overflowing toilet
  • power outage.