Duplication Services Procedures

Equipment Servicing and Repair


When malfunctions occur call with the RICOH I.D. number and state the problem to the Duplication/Mailroom staff who will submit the service request to RICOH. If the Duplication/Mailroom staff are not available, report the information to the RICOH Representative at 512-223-7306 or e-mail accricoh@gmail.com.

2. DESKTOP PRINTERS: Have Printer Model Number and RICOH I.D. Number and call the RICOH representative at 512-381-7737 or e-mail this information and the request to printmgricoh@gmail.com

Copiers: Paper, Toner & Staples
  1. Copier paper is purchased and provided by the College and stored at the individual Campus Duplication/Mailroom.
  2. Duplication/Mailroom staff at each campus is the point of contact for paper restock requests.
  3. Toner cartridges and staples for all duplication machines on campus are provided and replaced under a service contract with RICOH. To order a replacement toner cartridge or staples contact the Campus Duplication/Mailroom staff.
  4. Return used toner cartridges in the original box, marked as "USED", to your individual Campus Duplication/Mailroom. The ACC District uses these locations to collect and ship to the Central Warehouse for proper recycling of these cartridges.

Desktop Printers: Paper & Toner

  1. Desktop printer paper is purchased and provided by the College and stored at the individual Campus Duplication/Mailroom.
  2. To order a replacement cartridge or request service, contact the RICOH representative at 512-381-7737 or printmgricoh@gmail.com. Alternatively, you may fill out the following form and e-mail it to printmgricoh@gmail.com.


  1. Campus Managers manage the duplication services on each campus.
  2. To assist them, the Duplication Supervisor serves as a liaison with Contractor (RICOH) regarding technical questions pertaining to duplication equipment and serves as a facilitator to expedite concerns when e-mails or phone calls to RICOH have not received a timely response.

Equipment Replacement

  1. Request will be addressed to the Duplication Supervisor who will obtain required documentation for re-view/recommendation to be considered at the next Duplication Services Committee meeting. Requests for replacement or upgrades will be based upon a review of documented need, history/usage data, and equipment specifications by cost and function.
  2. A recommendation from the Duplication Services Committee will be forwarded for approval.