Enrollment & Partnerships

What Does the Enrollment & Partnerships Department Do?

  • Serves as an information resource for all High School programs, policies, procedures, and materials.
  • Develops, coordinates, and delivers ACCTech, Career Academy, Dual Credit, and ECHS enrollment and recruiting services for a high school campus.
  • Coordinates and schedules restricted ACC classes held on both high school & ACC campuses.
  • Serves as primary contact for enrollment & registration support for a high school campus.
  • Creates recruitment and orientation materials for assigned middle and high schools.
  • Assists high school students with troubleshooting the student enrollment & registration process.

We want to ensure that your questions and/or concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Please check with your assigned Enrollment & Partnerships liaison first. If you cannot easily reach your liaison, then please do not hesitate to contact the region manager or the Enrollment and Partnerships department directly.