How to Print Using an External Vendor

All printed materials being used to represent the college, and that include any of the college's trademarks, must receive approval from the Office of College Relations & Marketing (OCRM) before printing with an external vendor.

If you are needing OCRM's assistance to create a printed piece or publication, you must first submit a project request form.


Follow these steps when using an external print vendor for your printed materials. Work with your administrative assistant to complete the purchasing requirements.

  1. Printing needs and budget approval
    1. Identify your printing needs for the piece being produced - print specifications, paper type, folds and/or bindery, as well as quantities needed.
    2. You have the option to choose the print vendor you would like to work with. Contact the vendor to obtain a print quote.
      Marketing can provide recommendations on print vendors, if needed.
    3. Obtain budget authority (Cost Center Manager) approval for the quote.
      Please note: P-card purchases of printed materials that include the college's trademarks are not permitted.
  2. Create PR
    1. Create a purchasing requisition (PR) with your quote in Ellucian Colleague.
    2. Note the PR number but DO NOT submit PR at this time.
  3. Marketing assistance and approval
    1. Submit your draft materials for review by OCM. Email a PDF to
    2. Once you have chosen a print vendor, OCM can assist with any technical print or design questions.
    3. The print vendor will provide a digital proof for your review and approval. Marketing must also review and approve the proof before production begins. You can request a physical proof from the vendor if you choose.
  4. PR & PO confirmation
    1. Submit your PR, requisition sheet, quote and all required approvals to Purchasing.
    2. Purchasing will issue a purchase order (PO) directly to the print vendor.
    3. You will need to confirm your print vendor receives the PO and gets your order scheduled for delivery. You can check on your PO and payment status in Ellucian Colleague.

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