Note: Tables can be hard to add to pages and should be avoided if possible. Do not use tables for page layout.

To add a table:

  1. Click the insert/edit table button or right click where you want the table to appear and click "insert/edit table" in the dialog box.
  2. At the prompt enter the number of columns and rows you want the table to have. 
    • Check the table caption if you want your table to have a caption.
    • Ignore all other fields. Click insert to add the table.
  3. An empty table outline will appear on the page.
  4. Enter your data into the table by clicking in each cell and entering the data. 

The first row must be used as the table header.

To add a table header:

  1. Select the first row and click the row table row properties icon.
  2. At the prompt, under row type, choose "header".
  3. Click update.
  4. Select the first row again and click the table cell properties button.
  5. At the prompt, under "cell type" choose header.
  6. Click update. 

The first row should have a grey background in edit mode and a purple header in view mode.

Additional table rows and columns can be inserted into the table.

To add additional rows or columns:

  • Click in a cell where you want to add a row or column and click either insert row/column after or insert row/column before button.
  • Rows and columns can also be deleted by clicking the first cell of the row or column you want deleted and clicking the either delete row or column buttons.
  • Table cells can also be merged by selecting 2 or more cells and clicking the merge table cells button. To unmerge cells, click the split merged table cells button.


  1. Insert row before
  2. Insert row after
  3. Delete row
  4. Insert column before
  5. Insert column after
  6. Delete column
  7. Split merged table cells
  8. Merge table cells