A creative team made up of professionals who are expert in brand identity and strategy, visual design, content strategy, digital marketing and analytics all work closely with content producers to devise targeted communications solutions.

  • Strategic Consulting
    • Our marketing team works with college departments and programs to plan and execute strategic communications and marketing plans that include reputation and brand management, key message development, digital marketing and social media approaches, multimedia engagement, and web and digital strategy.
  • Visual Design & Branding
    • We manage the design and production of official college publications, advertising, billboards, promotional pieces, and a variety of departmental marketing needs. We assist clients in developing strong and effective materials that maintain the college's branding and graphic identity.
  • Digital Marketing
    • We can help you develop a clear, effective and engaging strategy for using email marketing, social media, digital advertising and other emerging communication technologies.
  • Marketing Writing & Editing
    • Our writers and editors craft copy in the most effective style and voice for multiple platforms and audiences.
  • Merchandise Review
    • Our office oversees the use ACC’s trademarks and manages the review process that departments and programs follow when purchasing merchandise such as lapel pins, cups, mugs, hats, apparel, bags, umbrellas, coasters, photo frames, and many other items. Each of these items is an extension of the brand and must go through the review and approval process. See instructions.