Speakers & Experts Bureau

The ACC Speakers and Experts Bureau connects the community and media to ACC faculty, staff, and administrators who can provide expertise on a variety of subjects.

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The Speakers Bureau is a free community service available to Central Texas community groups, neighborhood associations, churches, local chambers, service groups, and others. ACC will work with your organization's unique needs to develop a customized conversation and presentation. Guest speakers include ACC's Board of Trustees, executives, faculty, and staff.  Our speakers are available to share insight into the college's vision, programs, services, and more. 

To schedule a speaker, please contact:

Jessica Vess
Associate Vice Chancellor, College Relations & Marketing

Need an expert?

ACC faculty and staff are industry experts available as a resource for media and community groups to provide insight on current events. Topics include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Commercial music industry
  • Evolution/intelligent design
  • Gas prices
  • Politics/campaigns
  • Events in the Middle East
  • Treating chemical dependency
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Child development
  • Law enforcement/criminal justice
  • Computer information security
  • Video gaming
  • Social media
  • Media ethics
  • Digital imaging and Photoshop
  • Sustainability and the environment
  • Cultural diversity
  • Immigration
  • International business
  • The role of community colleges in higher education
  • High-demand career fields in Central Texas
  • College for veterans
  • College for high school students/high school-to-college transition
  • Adult Education, including GED

Don't see what you're looking for?

Browse the college's academic departments to learn more about ACC's areas of expertise or the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Be Included as a Speaker or Expert

OCM continually seeks additions and updates to the Speakers and Experts Bureau. Inclusion in the Speakers and Experts Bureau is voluntary and requires only a willingness to speak to the news media or community groups about your areas of expertise and to respond to media inquiries in accordance with their deadlines whenever possible.

To be added or update your information, please contact: