Victim Assistance Program

ACCPD's Victim Assistance Program is designed to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors who become victims of crime. This includes assisting victims who need to report crimes, preparing them to testify against accused persons, escorting them to any and all court appearances, preparing status reports on cases, regaining property used as evidence during a trial, getting compensation for losses, and assisting with academic intervention as necessary.

Our Victim Services Officers are trained in counseling victims of crime. Also available are references for on and off campus legal, financial, medical, and psychological assistance. The primary role for the Victim Services Officers are to act as liaison for the victims and network for that person's specific needs. Some of the resources include utilization of victim advocates in surrounding jurisdictions. Call 512-223-1231 for more information or you can email Victim Services Coordinator, Sergeant Kathy Dalton at

Resources for Victims of Crime

DWI and DUI Victim Resources

Domestic Violence

  • SAHELI for Asian Families - a nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas, that provides assistance to Asian families dealing with domestic violence and abuse.
  • The Pebble Project - exists to prevent child abuse and neglect by empowering children to contribute their own safety, by increasing adult awareness and protection of all children and by working with others to find solutions that reduce child abuse.
  • Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services (ADWAS) - provides victim services to people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind, and Late Deafened.
  • Any Baby Can Child and Family Resource Center - provides support for families caring for a child with special needs, therapies and support for children with, or at-risk for developmental delays, prenatal education to at-risk pregnant women, and childbirth, parenting and literacy programs for the community in general through the following programs.

Legal Services

  • Women's Advocacy Project - operates three statewide toll-free legal hotlines: the Family Violence Legal Line, the Sexual Assault Legal Line and the Family Law Hotline. These hotlines are staffed by attorneys who provide assistance to Texans on a variety of legal concerns related to domestic violence, sexual assault and family law.
  • American Gateways- a nonprofit that is dedicated to helping immigrants in the central texas area use the rule of law to advance their lives.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Migrant Clinicians Network

2-1-1 Texas Community Resource Database