IT Campus Electronic Security

Mission Statement

The safety of students, faculty, staff and the security of physical assets of the Austin Community College District form the foundation of the Campus Electronic Security Office. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure learning/working environment for the students, staff, and visitors of Austin Community College, as well as protect district facilities and assets. 

Campus Electronic Security Responsibilities

  • Is assigned to the Information Technology Department and is responsible for the utility, security, maintenance and coordination of all aspects of the College’s Security Systems. This includes surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and emergency notification systems.
  • Is responsible for coordinating with the Campus Managers and Campus Operations providing and managing access to facilities, with access being based on employee job responsibilities and in compliance with the established Campus Security Access Control Diagrams. These are maintained in the Electronic Campus Security Office.
  • Develops, distributes, reviews, implements, provides any needed training and enforces the ACC Access Control Program and associated Procedures and Guidelines. It is the responsibility of the Campus Electronic Security Director or his/her designee, to oversee compliance with this policy.
  • Responsible for the development of card access control systems, surveillance systems, and building intrusion detection systems. 
  • Manages work orders for all security systems. Work orders are submitted via the Online Work Order system.

To report a lost or stolen access card, please contact

Are you experiencing issues with electronic doors, access cards, or other electronic campus security systems? Please submit a technical request