Electronic Access

Employee ID Information

Upon employment, you should be issued an Employee ID card through the HR Department at Highland Business Center. In the case that it is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement. 

Badges should be visible at all times while on an ACC campus. 

ACC Employee ID cards can be programmed for electronic access.  ACC employees that require electronic access may be granted access upon appropriate approval(s). 

Electronic Access

Please read below for important information and instructions to request electronic access. 

  • Each campus has its own Access Request Form. Please make sure to complete the form for the campus you are requesting access for.
  • Make sure all required fields are completed. Sign and date all forms.
  • Submit the form to your supervisor and/or department head. This individual will need to send the form to the Campus Manager for authorization.
  • Once the Campus Manager has approved the access request, he/she will send the form to the Campus Electronic Security Office or a higher level of authority depending on the access requested.
  • As soon as the Campus Electronic Security Office receives your request forms, access will be programmed to your ID.

Campus Electronic Security does not make determinations regarding approvals and/or denial of access. Questions regarding approval and/or denial of access should be directed to your supervisor.

If an access card is lost or stolen, it is the employee's responsibility to report the incident to it_campus_electronic_security@austincc.edu so the card can be disabled and a new one issued to the employee.