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Recent Alert Notifications

The following is a list of alert notifications that were posted to the ACC website.

  • Experiencing ACCmail trouble? Use login manager

    Numerous ACCmail users are unable to access their accounts today and are receiving a “password deactivated” notice. If you're affected, go to the login manager to access your email. It may take several attempts and may require a new password.

  • San Marcos Goodnight Center reopens on regular schedule

    ACC’s San Marcos Goodnight Center will reopen on a regular schedule, 4/12, following a power outage due to severe weather. All other ACC locations also remain on a regular schedule. 

  • San Marcos Goodnight Center is closed

    Classes are canceled today, Tuesday, April 11, at ACC’s San Marcos Goodnight Center due to severe weather, resulting in a power outage. All other ACC locations are on a regular schedule. Updates on when the Goodnight Center will reopen will be provided here, on Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Round Rock Campus to reopen Friday, 3/24

    Power is restored at ACC Round Rock Campus. The campus will reopen Friday, March 24, on a regular schedule. 

  • Riverside Campus Open Today

    ACC's Riverside Campus is open Tuesday, Feb. 21, on a regular schedule.