Safety & Emergency Communications

College on a Regular Schedule

Updated: 2/26/2021

Austin Community College District is on a regular schedule, following a severe winter storm. All ACC campuses and centers have been inspected and reopened on Wednesday, 2/24, with the exception of Cypress Creek Campus (Building 1000) and Eastview Campus which remain closed until further notice. EVC and CYP require more extensive repairs due to water damage as a result of the winter storm. 

The College continues to monitor the impacts of the winter storm within our region. We recognize that faculty, staff, and students may also experience ongoing challenges. The College asks faculty and students, as well as supervisors and employees, to keep each other well-informed and updated and make accommodations as needed where possible.  

Campus Operations: Facilities & Recovery Report

College campuses and centers report various degrees of damage, such as broken water pipes, water leaks, and power outages. Our dedicated staff are working quickly to make necessary repairs. Most campuses and centers had relatively minor damage thanks to Operations teams being onsite and working around the clock to immediately address issues as they happened. As a result, all campuses but Cypress Creek, Building 1000 (CYP), and Eastview (EVC) reopened on Wednesday, 2/24. 

EVC and CYP (Building 1000) sustained damage to the cooling towers which support the campus' heating/cooling system. EVC is expected to reopen early next week, 3/1. CYP 1000 will remain closed until further notice. Additionally, Highland Campus, Building 3000, which is under construction, sustained flooding and water damage. Crews are currently assessing the damage and developing plans to make necessary repairs. View full report.

Campus Access

While the College continues to assess the damage and make repairs, access to campuses will be restricted to essential employees until Wednesday, 2/24. Faculty who wish to assist with inspections of equipment and facilities should contact their Instructional Dean. All who come to campus will be required to follow ACC's COVID-19 health & safety protocols.

Internet Access

While the College remains closed until Wednesday, 2/24, drive-up WiFi remains available at six ACC campuses/centers including Highland, San Gabriel, Cypress Creek, Eastview, and Northridge campuses as well as the Highland Business Center. The signal at these locations has remained relatively stable. View drive-up WiFi parking lots here.

Student Information

Students experiencing challenges due to our extreme weather should notify their instructor(s) as soon as they are able. Faculty are asked to be flexible, accommodating, and supportive.

Employee Information

Employees experiencing challenges due to our extreme weather should notify their supervisor. The supervisor and employee will discuss the appropriate leave time to be taken if needed. Supervisors are expected to be flexible and support employee needs. 

Leave: Administrative Leave should be used for the college closure days for employees scheduled to work. As a reminder, the College provides Personal, Vacation, and Sick Leave, which can be used by employees to accommodate the need for additional time off once the College reopens. Accrued compensatory time and flex-time may also be used during this time for exempt employees, depending on business operations. Leave types are explained on the HR website.

Hourly Pay: Hourly employees who were already scheduled to work prior to closure, February 12-23, may report that time as Administrative Leave on their timesheet. Those who were not expecting to work during that time will have no hours to report.

Health & Safety Resources

Your health, safety, and well-being remain our top priority. Please take care and know your college is thinking about you. If you are in need of additional support during this time, check our Winter Relief Resources or contact

For those without water, the City of Austin and Travis County have coordinated water distribution at several locations. The latest information is available here.