Crocket High School

03/22/11 Air Sampling Survey

Rio Grande

Rio Grande Campus Historical FAQs

RGC Rodent Information
11/01/11 Accent Questions on Lead Testing
10/20/2010 Lead Testing
09/28/2010 RGC Lead Testing Web Information
09/16/2010 Lead Analysis of RGC Water and LCRA Lab Results
08/19/2010 Lead Analysis of RGC Water
LCRA Lab Results
07/21/2010 Lead Analysis of RGC Water
LCRA Lab Results
  • Rooms 004 / 117 / 119 Odor Investigation
    • Summary of Actions
    • Baer Testing Report
03/04/08 All Employee Communication
01/30/2008 Rio Grande Campus Scene Shop Remodel
08/17/2005 Rio Grande Campus Asbestos Abatement
09/30/2005 Remodel status of RGC Rm. 318, 318.1, and 317 Meeting
Baer Engineering and RETEC representatives present
10/04/1005 Rio Grande Updates
11/09/2005 ACC Emergency Response to Rio Grande Chemical Incident
01/09/2006 Lead Analysis of RGC Water
01/26/2006 Remediation System Letter
01/26/2006 Rio Grande Tunnel FAQ's


05/15/2006 Eastview Extraction System Drawings
05/15/2006 Eastview Extraction System Prints* Use rotate function (shift + ctrl + Plus) to view drawings.
05/15/2006 EVC Environmental Testing Update
06/09/2005 EVC Air Monitoring System
03/10/2005 Update on Environmental Test at EVC
01/19/2005 Update on Environmental Test at EVC
01/05/2005 Update on EVC Daycare Playground
12/17/2004 Plan for EVC Daycare Playground
12/07/2004 Update on Environmental Testing at EVC