Energy Conservation & Solar

ACC’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory indicates over 46% of ACC’s GHG emissions are coming from purchased electricity.  ACC has implemented a variety of initiatives to save energy and make the district's buildings more sustainable.

HVAC Systems

ACC has upgraded HVAC systems to more energy efficient units across all campuses.


ACC is phasing out inefficient incandescent and fluorescent bulbs throughout the district.


ACC reduced energy consumption by a total of 69% through the Northridge Campus Outdoor Lighting Project.  In addition to saving energy, this project uses a ROAM system to dim unnecessary lights during unoccupied times and enhances safety and security in the parking lot by improved light quality.  This project is one of the largest installations in the nation among other LED outdoor lighting applications. Some of the improvements included:

Desktop Lamps

ACC's Office of Energy & Sustainability offers LED desktop lamps to eligible faculty and staff while supplies last.  This lamp uses less energy than current desktop lamps, improves lighting, and saves money. Submit your application for a new desktop lamp.

Occupancy Sensors

ACC has, and continues to, install occupancy sensors in all building across the district.  These sensors shut off lights once individuals have vacated a room or hallway.

Solar Panels

ACC maintains over 1MegaWatt of rooftop solar photovoltaic panels to produce a portion of the electricity the college uses.  Check out our Renewable Energy Projects.

Sustainability Dashboards

 ACC's Sustainability Dashboards are located across the district and display electricity usage, solar energy production, and water and gas consumption in real-time.