Register to carpool with 1+ ACC community members to be eligible to use preferred Carpool parking spaces before 10 am.  There is no Carpool Parking at Highland Business Center, Rio Grande Campus, or the Service Center.

Carpool members:

  • Save on gas
  • Reduce wear and tear on their cars
  • Make more parking available on campuses
  • Decrease the number of single occupant vehicles and help relieve Austin traffic
  • Lower ACC’s carbon footprint

A carpool consists of two or more ACC students and/or employees sharing the same car to get to an ACC campus. Two or more Carpool members must exit the vehicle at the time it is parked in an ACC Carpool parking space.  Carpool members must apply online and receive approval before picking up their Carpool hangtag.

The Carpool hangtag is free, but requires an ACC Parking Permit. Both must be displayed together and are valid for one school year (Sept. 1-Aug. 31).  Each Carpool group will receive one Carpool hangtag that can be used on any vehicle registered in the group.  

How to Carpool to/from ACC

  1. Find friends or coworkers to join your carpool group.
    • *NEW Waze Carpool - Waze Carpool drivers can earn up to $0.54/mile if you sign up with your ACC email.  Download the Waze Carpool App from iTunes (DriverRider) or Google Play Store (DriverRider).
    • myCommute Solutions - Find other ACC carpoolers with this ride-matching system.
  2. Fill out the online Carpool Application. Once your carpool member(s) accept the invitation, your application will be reviewed within 5 business days.
  3. Once you receive your Carpool Approval Email, bring your photo ID to a Cashier Office to pick up your Carpool hangtag.
  4. Add or drop members at any time in the ACC Transportation Portal.
  5. Enter your carpol log to win a Goodie-Bag (ACC's Eco Bag, Sustainability Goodies), more carpools mean higher chance to win a prize.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in more than one Carpool group?

Yes, we recognize that this is required to accommodate a varying class/work schedule.

Who is the main contact in my Carpool group?

The individual who submits the Carpool Application is the primary participant and will serve as the point of contact between ACC and the other group members.

Where/when can I park?

Carpool parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only vehicles with a Carpool hangtag may park in the designated Carpool spaces before 10 am.  After 10 am, Carpool spaces become available to anyone with a proper ACC parking permit.

I want to use my convertible vehicle to carpool. What should I do?

Send an email to

What if I have an emergency but did not use my vehicle for Carpool that day?

Use your ACC Green Pass to ride any Capital Metro transit service. If you need to use a taxi for an emergency, ACC's Sustainability Office may reimburse the cost up to $50, twice a year upon verification from the Carpool group members and with the original receipt.

What if I see only one person exiting a vehicle in the Carpool parking space before 10 am?

Please send the vehicle’s license plate number, parking permit number, make, and model to