Employee Relations

Austin Community College implemented a new rule, Resolution of an Employee Grievance and corresponding Guidelines/Procedures. This new rule encourages the amicable resolution of employee concerns and classifies all concerns as grievances, facilitated by an Employee Relations Officer (ERO).

The ERO is dedicated to ensuring that the grievance process features:

  • A timely and clearly communicated process
  • Addressing issues at the appropriate organizational level
  • Relevant expertise and consideration of the input of those impacted by decisions
  • Accountability at all levels in all phases of the grievance process

What is bullying?

Bullying includes repeated and unwanted actions intending to intimidate, harass, degrade or offend:

  • A form of psychological violence;
  • often includes the abuse or misuse of power.

Matters involving reports of bullying, workplace culture, and communication will be addressed with the highest level of review and scrutiny to more comprehensively serve the ACC community. Employees may submit a Grievance Process Form to begin the formal process or learn more about the Employee Grievance Procedures.

Bullying Examples

Spreading malicious rumours, gossip, or innuendo.

Being the target of practical/offensive jokes.

Exclusion, persistent criticizing/belittling.

Micromanaging, setting impossible goals, or underwork.

Withholding virtual or providing false information.

Physical intimidation (proximal).

Undermining or deliberately impeding a person's work.

Blocking training or removing responsibility without cause.

Constantly changing work guidelines.

Setting impossible goals for employees to reach.

Unwarranted (or undeserved) disciplinary action.


Resolution of an Employee Grievance

Grievance Process Form

Equal Opportunity Compliance Office

The Mediation Process