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College & Community Resource Series

ACC’s Social Support Resource Development (SSRD) and Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance have created a new webinar series to explore College and Community Resources. Each month, participants will hear directly from speakers who facilitate essential support resources for individuals and families across the ACC District and surrounding communities. The series will be livestreamed and will be organized around timely topics. 

Visit the Community Resources site to find support for rent, food, housing, medical care and other family or personal needs. Resources can be sorted by county, keyword, or type of support.

Fall 2022

The College and Community Resource Series (CCRS) will be back in the Fall 2022. More information, including the webinar topic, will be available soon.


Previous CCRS Recordings

May | Workforce & Career Development

April | Housing Assistance: Accessing and Maintaining Affordable Housing

February | Housing Assistance: Emergency Housing

November | Legal Assistance

October | Sexual Health

July | Economic Assistance

June | Financial Guidance

May | Health & Well-being


April | Pandemic & Disaster Relief


On-Demand Education & Outreach

ACC's online education platform for mandatory student and employee training is Get Inclusive. Students and employees will need to complete the assigned training through Get Inclusive in order to meet education requirements. The following training is for informational purposes only.

Employee Compliance Training

Title IX Staff Training (2022)

Office of Compliance Employee Training

Student Compliance Training

ACC Sexual Misconduct Awareness & Prevention

Student FAQs  



Informational programs regarding ACC’s sexual misconduct policy and can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of audiences across the District. The Office of Compliance is eager to partner with interested students, faculty and staff to empower our community at ACC through education. Contact Casey Martinez, Compliance Education Coordinator, at or by phone at 512-223-7857 to schedule a presentation.