Our Work

Building Capacity for Equitable Outcomes

The Office of Equity and Inclusion, in collaboration with the Equity Leadership Advisory Team (ELAT) (launched November 2016), exists to help the college to build capacity for equitable outcomes and identifies, supports and recommends policies and practices for:

  1. sustained leadership and training;
  2. methodologies for data collection and analysis to promote informed decision-making;
  3. the integration of college-wide conflict mediation training and professional development for culturally responsive teaching;
  4. inclusive methods to assess underserved communities’ needs and engagement in college programs;
  5. the identification and use of assessment, evaluation and accountability tools to measure institutional readiness for inclusive and equitable practices and progress toward identified goals;
  6. communicating and disseminating information about diverse student outcomes, promising practices for institutional change and community engagement.

We focus on emerging high-impact strategies as Central Texas becomes a more equitable and inclusive community.

  • Leadership with an equity lens
  • Collaborative work to acquire the knowledge, mindsets and tools to change the system
  • Equipping and empowering groups disproportionately affected by systemic inequities
  • Education for culturally responsive teaching and service
  • Conduct asset mapping of Asian, African American, Latino, and LGBTQ communities
  • Identify equity assessment and evaluation tools for organizations and institutions.