Completed Projects

Cypress Creek Campus Expansion

Project Manager: Robert Galindo, 512-223-1007
Architect/Engineer: O'Connell Robertson
Contractor: SpawGlass

Construction is now complete for all phases:

  • First phase - a new parking lot.
  • Second phase - the construction of a new building (Bldg 2000).
  • Third phase - renovation of Bldg 1000.
  • Fourth phase - parking lot expansion. The parking lot, built by Brandes Brothers Constructors, Inc., was completed in August 2008 and is ready for use.

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Elgin Campus

ACC Project Manager: Pamela Collier 
Architect/Engineer: O'Connell Robertson
Construction Manager at Risk: Skanska USA Building

The campus site is approximately 98 acres in the city of Elgin, located east of County Line Road and north of U.S. Highway 290, with frontage on both roadways.  The initial campus opened Fall 2013.

Check out the Elgin Campus for more information.
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Fire Academy Relocation

Fire Academy Director: Ken Goodenow, 512-223-9762
Contractor: CL Carson, Inc.

The ACC Fire Academy, which operated in Taylor, Texas for many years, has been relocated. ACC entered into a Facilities Use Agreement with the City of Austin to allow ACC to share space at the City of Austin Fire Academy located at 4800 Shaw Lane in SE Austin. The terms of the Agreement required ACC to make certain improvements to the site. The improvements were substantially completed by September 2009.

ACC Fire Protection Technology Program

Hays Campus

ACC Project Manager: Paul Mason 512-223-1008
Architect/Engineer: Gensler
Construction Manager at Risk: Flintco
Hays Campus is NOW OPEN!

The campus site is located in Hays County within the city of Kyle and is part of the Plum Creek Development Master Plan. The 96-acre, wedge-shaped tract is bordered by Kohler's Crossing to the north, FM 1626 to the west and south, and the Union Pacific railroad tracks along the east.  Both Kohler's Crossing and FM 1626 cross Interstate 35 less than a mile from the site, providing excellent access from all major roads in the area.  The first phase of construction is comprised of a three-story building containing approximately 90,000 gross square feet. The site accommodates 500 parking spaces.  The first phase is designed to support a student population of up to 2,000.

October 2013 Update

Construction is substantially complete as of Sept. 26, 2013. We received certificates from the City of Kyle and Gensler Architects to certify completion.

During the first couple weeks of October, representatives of the design and construction team and ACC met for many hours over many days to walk through each and every space to generate our final owner/architect punchlist, which is a list of cosmetic finish issues that need to be corrected.

The punchlist is a long document that Flintco distributed, once complete, to all its sub-contractors to fix the issues and recheck upon completion of the work.

This past week we revisited all the rooms to confirm that corrective work was completed to ACC's satisfaction. However, a few items still remain to be fixed that will take up to the end of October to complete.

Because of recent rains, site work has been delayed, so we have as yet to do the final punchlist of the site. We fully expect to get that work completed within the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, this work doesn't affect the more critical work that is happening inside the building.

Beginning in November, ACC begins the complex task of installing the furniture, equipment, and fixtures in the building. There is more than $4 million worth of merchandise that will be moved in.

We expect this effort to take the entire month of November and December up to winter break, when the college closes.

Building access during this time will be restricted to authorized personnel only, so that the work can be completed on-time and safely. The building will open to all ACC faculty and staff in early January.

We expect the building to open to the general public for the first day of the spring semester, Jan. 13, as originally planned.

Photos: Library | Biology Lab | Chemistry Lab | Exterior NW View | Learning Lab

September 2013 Update

We are on schedule and on budget as of this month!

Construction is about 90 percent complete, and we are slowly ramping down staffing at the construction site. There are 140 employees representing 67 sub-contractors working on a daily basis to complete the campus in time for the spring semester.

On the exterior work, the installation of all metal wall panel, metal soffit trim, and accent trim on the stair tower is being completed the first week of September. The final roof cap sheet is being placed on the flat roof areas as well. The installation of the plaster soffits around the perimeter porches on the first level and third level balcony was completed last week.

The mason is placing stone and brick on the three monument signs along the street entrances and at the corner of Kyle Parkway and Kohlers Crossing. Four metal arbor structures are being erected on the west side of the building. The arbors will provide shading for picnic tables. All wall mounted exterior metal canopies to shelter exterior doors were installed last week.

Elsewhere on site, the final section of the loop driveway pavement along the south and southeast of the building was formed and poured last week. The south parking lot, which contains 250 parking spaces, will be formed and poured in two sections the week of Sept. 9 and Sept. 16. The last remaining sidewalks around the south parking lot will follow the week of Sept. 23.

The installation of trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and mulch beds is ongoing around the building through Sept. 20. The volleyball courts will be installed the week of Sept. 16. The final landscaping item will be installation of Bermuda sod around the building in designed manicured lawn areas the week of Sept. 23. We pushed the date back as far as we can to get past the hottest part of the summer.

Interior work continues to progress rapidly. Flintco is installing all floor finishes, including VCT tile, ceramic tile, carpet tile, and other specialty floor types in public areas, moving from the third level downward. The final paint coats are being applied to all walls from the third level downward. All solid-core wood doors are being received, inspected, and hung on frames and then protected. All lay-in ceiling tile is now being placed from the third level downward now that the City of Kyle has completed the final above ceiling inspections.

In the restrooms the plumbing fixtures, countertops, lavatories, hand dryers, toilet partitions, and other accessories are being installed in third level and moving downward upon completion. Flintco also has a special contractor doing a pre-final interior clean in anticipation of a substantial completion date of Sept. 26.

Behind the scenes, the MEP subs are performing fire alarm testing, programming the building automated systems, testing the security systems, and performing testing and balance of all HVAC equipment. This process is complex and tedious. It will continue for several weeks into October. Our commissioning agent, ACR, is actively coordinating with the subs to verify all testing is performed accurately and thoroughly.

As mentioned in previous months, Flintco is focusing on completion of the interiors moving from the third level downward. The second level is one week behind the third level and the first level is one week behind the second level.

As for move-in, Gensler is working diligently with ACC and the furniture manufacturers to deliver and install all furniture for the building in November and December. The delivery and placement of equipment will be coordinated around the furniture. We will be continuing to manage the complex move-in phase throughout the fall semester.

We anticipate releasing the building to all ACC faculty and staff to move-in immediately after winter break, which ends in January.

Photos: Learning Lab | Chemistry LabLooking Southwest | Looking Northeast | Main Entrance | Library Reading and Bookstack Area

July 2013 Update

Construction is about 75 percent complete, and we have reached peak staffing at the Hays Campus construction site. There are 165 workers representing 60 sub-contractors working on a daily basis to complete the campus in time for the spring semester.

On the exterior work, all brick and limestone has been set on walls. The mason is completing the service yard and dumpster enclosure walls, which are located at the east end of the north wing of the building, as well as the chiller equipment enclosure pad walls.

There has been several weeks’ delay in the delivery of exterior metal panel for the mechanical penthouse and east and west elevations of the central section of the building. There are also smaller areas of metal panel planned between areas of curtain wall on the stair towers.

We expect double the number of workers originally planned to install the metal panels beginning the first week of August. This should cut installation in half and make up the majority of the delay. Canopies to protect exterior doors in several locations will be installed beginning next week.

Interior work is progressing rapidly. The most complete area is the north wing, followed by the middle section, and the south wing. Flintco will complete building interiors from the top floor and move down, which is the same order in which we will be moving in furniture and equipment.                               

In the north wing all above-ceiling mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) work is complete. The installation of sprinkler head drops is nearing completion as well. The pulling of data cable and electrical wiring continues from the panels to all the receptacles in every room. Ceiling tile grid installation is 90 percent complete. Light fixtures, supply air grilles, and return air grilles are being set into the ceiling grid. All lighting is protected with sealed plastic until substantial completion. The setting of floor and wall ceramic tile is under way in the main restrooms. Wood millwork for the biology and chemistry lab is being set as well. Interior door frames are being placed. The City of Kyle will perform above-ceiling inspections on July 25.

In the middle section of the building is progressing from top to bottom like the north wing. The infrastructure should be in place and awaiting only the finish interior cabs by August 9. The city will perform above-ceiling inspections on August 22.

The south wing lags behind the middle section by about two week and behind the north section by four weeks, as planned. Flintco is accelerating the pace of work in the library, and 95 percent of the drywall, tape and float was complete by July 25.

Elsewhere on site, the concrete paving work on the parking lots and driveways is progressing steadily. About half of all the paving has been poured, including half the loop driveway around the building, both entrance driveways to the site, and the entire north parking lot.

The trees have all been planted and staked along Kohlers Crossing and Kyle Parkway, on the earthen berms that wrap around the west side of the loop driveway and in the islands within the north parking lot. All are connected to irrigation drips lines and are being watered regularly.

Parking lot light poles and security camera poles have been delivered to the site. We expect to see the poles being stood up on the concrete bases around the site next week. Work has also commenced on the foundations for the monument signage at the street. There are three distinct signs.

Gensler has issued a final equipment list for ACC review. We hope to release information to purchasing so orders can be placed by next month. Also, all the furniture manufacturers have made site visits to take field measurements for sizing and placing furniture in each room. We will be setting up meetings to review and approve each individual layout by early August with the hope of putting together final quotes for requisition by the end of the month.

Photos: Looking SE at South wing | First Floor Student Commons | Third Floor Library Reading and Stacks Room | Second Floor Learning Lab | Looking West at Stair Tower

June 2013 Update

Construction is about 65% complete. We are nearing the peak in the number of workers onsite.  There are 140 workers representing 55 sub-contractors working on a daily basis.

The building is now dried-in.  We are nearing another milestone the third week of June, when Pedernales Electrical Cooperative will energize its main transformer serving the main electrical switchgear providing permanent power to the building.  Soon thereafter, conditioned air will be turned on allowing us to accelerate the installation of wall and floor finishes in the building.

On the exterior of the building, 80% of the brick has been placed on the walls.  The mason is still completing sections on the south wall of the south wing and the east wall of the north wing.  The installation of limestone veneer on the stair towers is complete.  The standing seam metal roofing for the pitched roof of the south wing has been delivered to the site this week and will be installed over the next three weeks.

Inside the building, work is progressing at different rates, with work most complete in the north wing, followed by the middle section and lastly, the south wing.  In the north wing, all in-wall inspections have been completed.  Mechanical rough-in of equipment and piping is almost complete on all three floors.  The reordered mechanical louvers will be placed in the west wall by the end of this week.  Gypsum board drywall is being installed on interior partitions on all floors to seal in the walls.  The walls are being taped and floated in preparation for priming after air is turned on.  The IT sub-contractor is placing wire tray and J-hooks overhead in preparation to pull wire to all data boxes in the next few weeks.  All above ceiling through-wall penetrations are being sealed and caulked.  The electrical sub-contractor is pulling wiring through all overhead conduit from the panels in the electrical closets to the J-boxes located in all rooms.

In the middle section of the building the same work is occurring, but is about two weeks behind the north wing.  In addition, knee walls are being installed to conceal the spandrel glazing sections of the curtain wall glazing that runs in horizontal bands across the east and west elevations on the upper floors.  The middle section is clad with metal wall panel, which is being delivered the last week of June with installation beginning in early July.  This will be last part of the exterior to be clad with the finish materials.

In the south wing, work is lagging about two weeks behind the middle section and four weeks behind the north wing as planned.  In wall inspections are being scheduled with the City of Kyle this week with the anticipation that gypsum board drywall installation can begin the first week of July.  The last sections few of glazing units were placed in window frames last week.   Fire protection system rough-in continues, though complete elsewhere in the building.   

Elsewhere on site, the first section of concrete paving for driveway and parking spaces was graded, formed and set with wire mesh and rebar last week.  The western half of the loop road starting from the western entrance driveway off Kohler Crossing and wrapping around the west half of the building and terminating midway down the south run of driveway is being poured this week.  The chiller yard enclosure walls are being erected and electrical control panels are being mounted on the inside face of the sound block.  The first week of July we anticipate the first shipment of parking light poles will be delivered and set on their bases.  The landscape sub-contractor is digging holes and prepping the wells for trees to be placed and staked along the edge of Kohlers Crossing and Kyle Parkway.  We want to begin establishing the streetscape trees with irrigation before the end of June per the request of the City of Kyle.

Finally, we are actively meeting with the Gensler interior design team to select system furniture and select laminate and fabric colors for the furniture.  We are also reviewing all the equipment requests and compiling a master list for the Purchasing Dept.  We will begin to issue quotes to Purchasing for requisition in July.

Photos: SW Exterior Elevation1st Floor - Student Commons | 1st Floor  Welcome Center | 2nd Floor - Adjunct Faculty Cubicle Area | 2nd Floor - Learning Lab | 2nd Floor - Looking south from elevator lobby3rd Floor - Biology Lab | NE exterior elevation | SE exterior elevation


Construction is moving along well. The project is about 40 percent complete. There are more than 130 workers on-site every day, representing 12 subcontractors.

The building is being “dried in.” Three subcontractors are continuing to erect exterior sheathing around the central section and south wing of the building, quickly following behind to apply damp-proof membrane and metal flashing around window and door openings. Limestone masonry is being erected on the tower stair and brick masonry on the north wing of the building. The roof subcontractor has installed the rigid roof insulation and first layer of the membrane roofing on the north wing and central section of the building. The central section and south wing are further behind; however, we expect “drying in” to be completed there by the end of May.

On the north wing, all window frames have been placed and glazing panels have been installed and protected while masonry is laid around them. Most of the interior steel stud framing for walls have been erected on all three floors. Most of the mechanical rough-in of ductwork, dampers, and VAV boxes has been hung, and all the major mechanical equipment has been connected. The electrical panel shells are being installed, and electrical conduit is being run above ceiling. Interior rough-in of electrical and Internet/telecom conduit and junction-boxes is ongoing. Where fire walls are present, fire-resistant sheet rock has been applied to the upper portion of the interior walls against the structural deck and fire caulked in preparation for additional above-ceiling work soon to commence.

In the central section and south wing, steel studs for interior walls are being erected on all three floors. The work is about 30 percent complete. Mechanical rough-in of ductwork, dampers, and VAV boxes is about 50 percent complete. Installation of window frames and glazing on the exterior walls will begin the first week of May and continue for a few weeks. At the exterior canopies and the covered wraparound porch, spray insulation has been applied to the underside of the structural deck.

The fire alarm subcontractor will begin roughing-in the wiring pathways and setting devices the second week of May. The roofing subcontractor will being placing the top layer of the roof membrane and flashing it in to seal the building water tight by the second week of May as well.

Elsewhere on site, the mechanical chiller pad has been poured with concrete. The housekeeping pads for the three chillers have been formed and poured. The chillers are being set on the pads the last week of April. The masonry enclosure walls around the edge of the chiller pad will be laid beginning the second week of May. The roof drain pipes from the building have been connected to below-grade storm sewer piping, which connects to the re-irrigation pond. Only a few items remain before the re-irrigation pond is fully functional.

Photos: NW Exterior View  |  SE exterior view  |  3rd Floor view of Library  | 1st Floor view of entrance lobby1st Floor view of Student Commons  |  1st Floor view of Student Services


Construction is moving along with greater momentum now. The project is about 30 percent complete. There are now more than 100 workers on-site every day, representing 13 subcontractors.

The structural steel building frame is fully erected and complete. The second and third floor concrete decks have been poured and cured. The fourth-floor mechanical penthouse also has been poured and cured. All the miscellaneous steel detailing to support the exterior wall veneer, frame out the punched windows and curtain wall, and form the roof parapets is being welded in place around the building perimeter. All steel detailing work should be complete by the end of March. The three stair assemblies are in place, allowing workers to access to all levels of the building without ladders.

On the first and second levels, steel stud interior wall framing has progressed steadily. Mechanical rough-in of air conditioning ductwork, dampers, and VAV boxes is nearing completion in the north wing. The mechanical air handling units have been delivered to the site and placed on housekeeping pads in their respective mechanical rooms. Copper plumbing piping also is being hung on the first and second levels. The air-cooled chillers are stored on the site while the chiller yard concrete pad is excavated, formed, and poured at the beginning of April.

On the building exterior, green wall sheathing is being applied to the north wing of the building and a gray damp proofing membrane is being applied over the sheathing in preparation for the placement of metal brick ties and, thereafter, the laying of brick and limestone masonry veneer, depending on location. Masons will begin setting the materials the first week of April. The roofer delivered materials and will install the north wing’s roof membrane starting the first week of April.

Elsewhere on site, crews are redistributing a large hill of excess soil. This will improve site visibility for vehicles approaching from the east on Kohler's Crossing.

The City of Kyle, using a separate civil subcontractor, is trenching and laying a main wastewater line in the easement immediately east of our project site. Next, Pedernales Electrical Cooperative will install electric utility poles over the easement at the northeast corner of the property in order to connect permanent power for the building. Pedernales also will install a transformer at our building to finish the connection. We expect permanent power to be available in May.

All concrete bases for parking lot poles were formed and poured. All storm water drainage lines and area inlets have been installed around the parking lots. All electrical wiring run in conduit to serve the parking lot lighting and security cameras has been installed.

Photos:  Exterior NW View  |  Exterior SE View  |  North Wing, Second Floor, Looking SW  |  North Wing, First Floor, wall framing progress

January 2013 Update
Construction is well underway.  Four concrete pours for the first floor building foundation were cast during December. The entire first floor is now ready to receive structural steel.

A crane began erecting steel columns around Jan. 14. Beams, joists, light member framing and steel floor decking will soon follow. The north wing of the building will be erected first, moving south to the central section and, finally, finishing up on the south wing by mid-April.

It is important to note that the tallest portion of the building, the northeast stair tower, is contained in the north wing, which will be erected first. Photo

The preliminary foundation prep work for the chiller yard has been completed.  Concrete will be cast as soon as a design is finalized on the enclosure walls and gates. Photo

Elsewhere on the site, utility work continues:
  • Storm water lines and curb inlets are being installed that will serve all the parking paved areas.
  •  Underground electrical conductors that will power parking lot lights being trenched around the entire site.
  • The domestic water meter and fire line backflow preventer are being installed.
  • The irrigation main line is also being installed at the wet well adjacent to the re-irrigation pond.

ACC is working with Pedernales Electrical Cooperative (PEC) to sign a permanent power contract and will be coordinating with PEC to install the permanent infrastructure to supply the building soon.

The City of Kyle has also notified ACC that a separate project to install a waste water trunk line in the easement that runs along the railroad tracks along the east side of our property is out for bid.  Bidding will close in late January, and construction will begin in February and completed by August 1. At that point, Flintco can make the main waste water connection to the building.

With regards to design, we have good news!  The Chemistry Lab Suite Alternate 3 has been accepted due to a favorable budget outlook.  We will be scheduling meetings with the user group to review furniture and equipment requirements for the lab suite in the next couple of weeks.

November 2012 Update
Great progress has been made in the last several weeks.  The City of Kyle issued the site development permit and building permits (one for each floor) in mid-October.  The buyout of sub-contracts is now 95 percent complete. We are happy to report that our HUB percentage for the project will exceed 30 percent.   

We are now under construction! In late October Flintco moved on site and set up several trailers with temporary utilities. Flintco also installed perimeter security fencing and two separate construction entrances, one for the project management team near the trailers and a second for the rest of the contractor and sub-contractor workforce. Roadway Specialties, the erosion control sub-contractor, then came in and set up the erosion control systems required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) around the perimeter of limits of construction boundary. Next, Champion, the earthwork sub-contractor, spent the next several weeks clearing and grubbing the site of debris and trash trees. Champion also rough-graded the site, forming and setting the building pad and parking lot pads to the specified elevations as shown on the civil construction documents. Champion also excavated the re-irrigation pond along the eastern property boundary near the train tracks.

In early November, Gibson Concrete, the concrete sub-contractor, drilled more than 50 piers for the building foundation, placed the rebar cages, and poured the concrete. Haegelin, the site utilities sub-contractor, currently is trenching into rock below what will be the first floor slab to set all the domestic water and wastewater piping, electrical conduit, lightning protection, and telecommunications duct bank routes. The edge of the perimeter of the first floor foundation has been established with formwork. The anchor bolts for the pier caps have also been placed, which will lock into the perimeter grade beams of the concrete foundation.

Flintco plans to pour the concrete foundation of the first floor north wing the week of Thanksgiving. Two other two sections, the middle section and south wing, will be poured by the middle of December. We expect the first-floor structural steel columns to arrive on site around the first of the new year and begin being set on the foundation.

September 2012 Update
The bidding phase of Hays Campus is complete. Flintco is midstream through the process of evaluating all the subcontractor bids and making recommendations to ACC for award of each scope of work. ACC has approved about 50 percent of the subcontractors. It appears that our project will come in slightly under budget. When 100 percent of the contract buyouts are complete, we will provide a budget update including whether any of the alternatives can be included in the project.

Gensler has secured a site/fill permit, which allowed Flintco to get on site the third week of September and begin mobilizing the site. With this permit, we are allowed to install perimeter control fencing, set up erosion controls, place the construction trailers, lay temporary parking lot base, and begin the process of clearing the site of scrub trees and vegetation in the area where new construction will be placed. This includes demolishing an old barn and removing a few rattlesnake dens.

We are on the brink of securing the site development permit, which we hope to be approved by early October. We have experienced some delays in getting the City of Kyle review comments resolved, which has delayed us about three weeks. This permit will allow us to begin rough grading of the site and to begin trenching for site utilities. Flintco, Gensler, and ACC will be meeting to adjust the construction schedule to accommodate the three-week slide in starting site development. We will provide an update when we have finalized the plan of action.

On September 21, we received official approval of our project from the Plum Creek Architectural Review Committee. We must have this approval before the City of Kyle will allow us to submit for building permit. With this hurdle now crossed, Gensler plans to submit the project to the City of Kyle for building permit the last week of September. We expect the review process to take four to six weeks.

Gensler is continuing to work with ACC to develop a master spreadsheet that will track all furniture, fixtures, and equipment for the project. We will be collaborating with the Elgin Campus project team to standardize the basis of design for office systems furniture and other specialty items such as the instructor lecterns. We will begin holding departmental meetings in November to develop the furniture specifications for each instructional space and staff/faculty spaces. By December, we will present the list to the ACC Purchasing Department so staff can begin to secure quotes and issue purchase orders for long lead items.

August 2012 Update
The design of Hays Campus is complete. The 100 percent construction document set has been released for final review by the college's commissioning agent, ACR Engineering, ACC departments, and the Plum Creek Architectural Review Committee. Comments are due August 17. All comments will be addressed, and an addendum will be subsequently issued.

Gensler also submitted the site development design drawings to the City of Kyle for permit review. We are awaiting word on the first review pass.  Flintco has also issued the 100 percent construction document set for bidding by the subcontractor community. We held a pre-proposal conference in Kyle last week. More than 100 companies showed up, evidence of the huge interest surrounding this project. The bids also are due August 17.

ACC has signed the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) with Flintco for the project. The construction budget is set at roughly $26.4 million. This excludes all soft costs. A notice to proceed will be issued to Flintco just as soon as Plum Creek Architecture Review Committee approves the project and the site development permit is secured. We hope to begin ground work by the end of August.

We have started the process of developing the furniture, fixtures, and equipment list for the project. We will be holding a series of meetings with Gensler and ACC departments to further define department needs for these items. A master spreadsheet is being developed to help us to track the literally thousands of items. We will coordinate with the Elgin Campus and Highland Mall projects to standardize furniture selections for all three projects.

In the meantime, ACC is working to sign contracts with Multivista for photo-documentation of the project construction and Fugro for materials testing and engineering services. Once construction begins, we will begin posting site photos to chart the visual progress of work.

June 2012 Update
We have officially closed the bonds and can confirm the Hays Campus is scheduled to open in early 2014 for the spring semester. The groundbreaking celebration will be June 27, 2012, at the Hays Consolidated Independent School District Performing Arts Center at 10 a.m. All are welcome to attend.

Site preparation will occur in late August, barring unforeseen permitting delays. The design of the project is midway through the construction documentation phase. Last week Gensler issued a 50 percent construction document set for review by ACC departments and the Plum Creek Architectural Review Committee. Comments are due at the end of June so Gensler can refine the design. A 100 percent construction document set will be issued in early July for one final review cycle. We also will be reviewing the interior and exterior finish selections next week and approving both the material and color palette for the building.

Flintco has completed the initial guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the project. It will be issued early this week for ACC review and comments. A final revised GMP will be prepared by the end of June for ACC approval, at which point we will be ready to submit the drawings to the City of Kyle to secure the building permit. We expect building permit review to take about four weeks. It is important to note that we are submitting for a height variance to the City of Kyle to request that the height limitation for our zoning to be raised from 50 feet to 60 feet to allow our building design to meet the requirements. We already vetted this request preliminarily with the city and have a favorable response. We hope to have this officially approved in time for building permit submittal.

We are happy to report that, despite the recent uptick in construction pricing, we have managed to preserve the building gross square footage (88,300 gsf) and have not reduced any programmed assignable square footage that was set forth in the original program. We also have maintained the quality of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment, electrical equipment and other core building infrastructure systems. Although we had to select alternate materials for some of the interior and exterior finishes, we feel confident that we've retained the essence of the design intent. The design and construction team deserves a pat on the back for exhausting every possible option and some creative value engineering.

As a final note, we have now solidified the appearance of building exterior and massing. Two new renderings will be unveiled at the groundbreaking celebration and will be posted here soon after.

April 2012 Update
The design development phase was completed in late March. Gensler issued a package of full-size design development review packages at the 50 percent and 100 percent complete level for ACC departmental review and comment. Gensler addressed all comments and made revisions. The college submitted the 100 percent drawings to the Plum Creek Architectural Review Committee for review and comment.  We are awaiting a response from that group. Flintco, the construction manager, concurrently compiled conceptual budget estimates for both the 50 percent and 100 percent packages.  Both estimates were over budget, so the design team developed a “shopping list” of value engineering options to reduce costs. ACC, Gensler, and Flintco will identify the best options to bring the project back into budget.  We have developed three alternative packages to be considered should the actual construction budget yield favorable results once bidding is completed.

Once the budget is resolved, Gensler will begin the final phase of design/construction documentation. During this phase, Gensler will continue to add detail in the drawings to refine the scope of work until the set is 100 percent complete. This phase will last until July. Gensler will deliver these drawings to Flintco for construction.

Flintco also will develop an initial guaranteed maximum price (iGMP) for the project. Bidding of the 100 percent design development package will be used as the basis for pricing. We will thoroughly review, then revise the iGMP document, as needed. Following completion, ACC will sign the final GMP, which sets the project construction budget.  Once the GMP is signed and bonds are closed, the college will submit construction documents to the City of Kyle as part of the site development and building permit processes.  We expect bonds to close about May 2, and permits to be completed by early August.

Once the bonds have been closed, we can commit to a groundbreaking date. We will release this information in the next construction update.

January 2012 Update
The schematic design phase has been completed.  Gensler issued a package of full-size schematic design drawings and a design narrative for review by ACC departments, Benchmark Development, and Flintco, the construction manager at risk.  The package currently is being reviewed for comment, with a deadline in the middle of the month.  Flintco is developing the first conceptual budget estimate for the project.  ACC, Gensler, and Flintco will meet over the next few weeks to rectify the estimate and to make design adjustments that align with new budget estimate.

We have scheduled an Internal Steering Committee Meeting and External Committee meeting the third week of January to present the complete schematic design of the building to both groups.  We will be showing the final floor plans as approved by ACC departments, the exterior elevations, a site plan and 3-D renderings of the building on the site.  A link to a rendering of the building looking toward the northwest toward the main entrance is provided.

We are now embarking on the next phase of design, which is called design development.  This phase will last approximately three months.  During this phase, the mechanical. electrical, plumbing, data cabling, security, fire alarm, and emergency power infrastructure systems of the building will be developed.  A detailed set of construction drawings will be assembled for use by Flintco to perform another pricing exercise before the initial guaranteed maximum price (iGMP) is crafted at the completion of this phase.  We will continue to schedule meetings with ACC departments as warranted to gather information to develop the drawings.

December 2011 Update
The project is nearing the end of the schematic design phase. During November we held a second series of ACC department meetings to review and revise all the suite floor plans. Gensler is now finalizing the floor plans for the building and developing the exterior building elevations and site plan. A schematic design package will be released just before winter break for conceptual pricing by Flintco, our construction manager at risk.

We also will issue complete schematic design review sets for ACC’s Environment, Health, Safety, and Insurance, Building and Grounds, and Information Technology departments. Comments will be gathered in mid-January and addressed during the design development phase.

In the meantime, we plan to schedule an Internal Steering Committee and External Steering Committee meeting in January to give an update on the project, including a presentation on the final schematic design.

We have also been in contact with Benchmark Development, the developer of the Plum Creek Masterplan. Hays Campus must comply with the development guidelines set forth by Benchmark as a condition for the initial purchase of the land. We will submit the schematic design package to Benchmark for formal review by their ARC (architectural review committee) simultaneously to Flintco’s pricing.

In summary, we expect to embark upon the design development phase in early January, continuing through mid-March 2012. Gensler will tentatively issue a 100 percent design development set for pricing by Flintco in late March. The guaranteed maximum price will be prepared during the month of April and possibly signed by May 1. Of course, all these dates are contingent to having a final project budget established by March 1.

November 2011 Update
The project is in the middle of the schematic design phase.  On October 26, we held an Internal Steering Committee meeting, and the architectural firm Gensler presented the Phase I proposed floor plans and site plan to illustrate the shape of the building footprint and the relationship between programmed department areas on each floor.  The committee approved the proposal.

Subsequently, we have been engaged in a series of meetings with each ACC department to review the detailed layout of rooms for each respective floor plan.  The architect will be revising and refining the plans to reflect the requests of each department.

A final set of floor plans will be presented again for approval by the departments, at which point, Gensler will begin developing building elevations and a 3D rendering.  We are targeting early December for the completion of schematic design.

Thereafter, a schematic design package will be released for internal ACC department review and a conceptual price estimating exercise by Flintco, our construction manager at risk.

Currently, we are working to get Flintco under contract. In addition, we have released Raba-Kistner to complete the geo-technical report for the project.  Borings have already been taken, and we expect the final report to be issued in a couple more weeks.

We have also been working with the Plum Creek stakeholders to identify formal submittal packages for their Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  As a condition for the purchase of the land, ACC is contractually obligated to go through this process with the Plum Creek Masterplan stakeholders as well as the City of Kyle for permit review.

October 2011 Update
We continue to make steady progress on the project.  As of the date of this posting, bond documents could be closed by December, at which point the firm construction budget will be finalized.

A Kyle External Review Committee meeting was held September 15 to present the final campus master plan.  The local stakeholders gave a very favorable review.  

In addition, throughout the month of September, Gensler and Flintco attended a series of 24 data gathering meetings with ACC departments to develop the schematic design plans and elevations for the new phase I building.

Last week, Gensler presented the first draft of floor plans for review and comment to the project team.  Several changes were made and a revised package is being prepared in anticipation of an Internal Steering Committee meeting scheduled in late October for all ACC departments to review the plans and elevations and provide comments and feedback.

A second series of meetings will be scheduled in early November for all the ACC departments to review the floor plans for each of their programmed space areas.

July 2011 Update
The Third Court of Appeals of Texas issued an opinion July 27 that dismissed the challenge to the Austin Community College District annexation election held in Hays CISD in November 2010, thereby permitting the college to move forward with financing for the ACC Hays Campus. We already have been moving forward with the early phases of the design. In early August, the final programming document for the campus as well as the final master plan will be completed and released.

Construction Manager Selection
The Board of Trustees has approved the selection of Flintco Constructive Solutions Inc. as the Construction Manager at Risk for the project. We are currently working through legal issues to sign a contract with Flintco. Gensler was selected previously as the Prime Architect for the project.

Construction Schedule in Development
Flintco and Gensler are working to develop a new construction schedule. Once we've fully vetted all the phases of design and construction of the campus with both companies, we'll be able to say with confidence when the campus will open for its first semester.

Schematic Design Begins
In August, we begin the Schematic Design phase. Meetings with ACC user groups will be set up to gather information that will be used with the programming document to develop the preliminary floor plans for the new building. As based on the current budgetary estimate, the program establishes a roughly 74,000-square-foot building. The new campus will include a full Biology Lab suite, 11 large general use classrooms, 5 medium general use classrooms, 1 NCAT classroom, and 1 developmental classroom as well as faculty and adjunct faculty office suites to support the classrooms. In addition to this instructional space, a full complement of student support spaces is provided, including a Library and Media Center, Learning Lab, Testing Center, Student Services suite, Bookstore, and Student Life suite. The project also includes a campus manager suite, campus police suite, and cashier area. We will be moving aggressively to complete the Schematic design sometime this fall. We will post links to the program and master plan as soon as they become available.

March 2011 Update
 The programming of the project has been on hold, pending definition of the project budget.  However, since the project is very similar to the Elgin Campus, we have been using that program as a placeholder with the understanding the Hays Campus will be a slightly larger campus in phase I.   We have scheduled the kick-off of the facilities master planning phase with a visioning workshop on March 9.  Master planning will continue for several weeks and conclude after the budget is defined.  Schematic design cannot proceed without a clearly defined program, which requires a clearly defined budget.

The construction manager at risk for the new campus will be re-advertised on April 12 to solicit request for qualifications (RFQs) from all interested candidates.  A committee will review all candidates in a two-step process.  We hope to have Board of Trustees approval in early July so this construction manager can join the team and contribute valuable information on cost estimation and constructability during the latter part of schematic design or early design development phase.

The surveying of the tract is under way, and a final drawing is expected by mid-March.  The architect, Gensler, will use the survey to develop the design documents for the project.

Highland Mall Renovation - Phase I

ACC Project Manager: Brian Morrow
Architect/Engineer: Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects (BGKA)
Construction Manager at Risk: Flintco, LLC

The first phase of ACC’s Highland Mall project is COMPLETE.

The facility OPENED in fall 2014.

Visit the Highland Campus website

Northridge Campus Games Development Institute

Project Manager: Pamela Collier, 512-223-1012
Architect: Architecture Plus
Contractor: Jamail & Smith Construction

Construction was completed August 2008 and the new Games Development Institute at ACC Northridge Campus is now being utilized.  Approximately 4,300 s.f. was renovated resulting in five classrooms, instructor offices and conference area, and an elite “Incubator” where students may have the opportunity to work with local game development firms on actual projects.  The Visual Communication Game Development Institute is located in Building 3000 on the 1st floor.

Pinnacle Campus - Parking Expansion

Project Manager: Robert Ryland 512-223-1036

Status: The expansion of the Pinnacle parking lot was completed for Fall 2008 Semester.

Pinnacle Campus - Parking Expansion #2

Project Manager: Pamela Collier 512-223-1012
Contractor: Chasco Construction

ACC acquired an additional 36.5 acres directly adjacent to the East of the Pinnacle Campus.  Another driveway into the property was put at the intersection of US Hwy 290 and Convict Hill Road. The Project was substantially completed in time for Fall 2010 classes and provided an additional 440 parking spaces.
Aerial photo

Rio Grande Campus - Gymnasium Adaptive Re-Use

Project Manager: Robert Ryland 512-223-1036
Architect: BLGY, Inc.
Construction Manager: Bartlett-Cocke

The old Austin High School gymnasium on West Avenue has been transformed.  The project was completed in time for Summer 2010 classes. An entire second floor was added to provide more classrooms and faculty offices for ACC’s busiest campus.  The renovated building provides more than 38,000 square feet . The exterior appearance of the gymnasium was maintained as faithfully as possible.  The adjacent Band Hall has been removed for technical and code demands and was replaced by a new landscaped courtyard. The re-design of the old building proved challenging but resulted in an efficient and modern academic building.

Rio Grande Campus - Parking Garage

ACC Project Manager: Pamela Collier 512-223-1012
Architect/Engineer: Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects
Contractor: SpawGlass Contractors, Inc.

The Garage was awarded a 3-star rating from the Austin Energy Green Building Program. 
View photos

Riverside Campus - Photovoltaic Solar Installation

Project Manager: Pamela Collier / Brian Morrow 512-223-1121
Engineer: Aguirre Roden
Contractor: Jamail & Smith

Project Description:
Construction is complete on another Solar Photovoltaic system to the Riverside Campus.  This system is located on the roof of building “G”.  66 panels have been added, which will create over eleven hundred watts.  Construction concluded before the end of Spring Semester ’09.

Riverside Campus - Site Lighting Improvements

Project Manager: Robert Ryland

Project Description:
The Riverside Campus has recently undergone a complete upgrade of all exterior lighting, to improve visibility and safety.  After a comprehensive analysis and design plan was performed by our consultants, many new light poles were added and new fixtures were placed on existing poles.  The result is a more reliable and energy-efficient system for the entire campus.

Round Rock Campus - Phase I Construction

ACC Project Manager: Paul Mason, 512-223-1008
Architect/Engineer: Graeber, Simmons & Cowan, Inc.
Construction Manager at Risk: Spawglass Contractors, Inc.

ACC has substantially completed the most ambitious project in its 35 year history with the construction of a new “ground up” campus on a Greenfield site in far north Round Rock, Texas.  The project is located on 60-90 acres of undeveloped land adjacent to the existing Texas State Round Rock Higher Education Center (RRHEC) and Seton Hospital Williamson.  Texas A&M is also constructing a new Health Sciences campus just southeast of our site, which will be part of a larger 1,000+ acre master planned development called Avery Center.

The Round Rock Campus opened in time for Fall 2010 classes.

Aerial Photos

Solar for Schools - Rio Grande and Riverside Campuses

Project Manager: Paul Mason, 512-223-1008
Contractor: Meridian Energy Systems, Inc. in partnership with Austin Energy

Project Description:
ACC was awarded two Solar for Schools grants by Austin Energy in late 2007 for Riverside Campus and Rio Grande Campus.  These grants were the first of its kind awarded to a community college.  Previous grants have been issued to AISD primary schools.   Throughout this past year we have been working with Austin Energy and several faculty/staff at both campuses to plan for, design and construct a 2.4 Kw solar array in a highly visible location on the campus which aims to raise awareness of ACC’s ongoing mission to become a more sustainable district and highlight the viability of solar technology.  The solar arrays have also been planned to serve as a teaching tool for the rapidly developing solar technology programs at ACC.

Each project consists of a small 64 square foot equipment shed, which houses a Gridpoint System, which is a self-contained piece of electrical equipment which converts the raw power from the solar array into useful electricity that can be used for powering buildings.
A 20’ tall steel pole supporting a “solar flower array” contains the power cells.  A series of underground conduit runs between the solar array and the equipment building (connecting to the Gridpoint System) and the equipment building and a tie-in source to a main electrical panel in an existing building provides the means for depositing electricity onto the grid of the campus.

8/14/09 Update:

The Riverside Campus Solar for Schools project was completed in mid-October 2008.  The Rio Grande Campus Solar for Schools project was completed in late December 2008.  Both installations are 2.4 KWH solar "flower" arrays.  They are the first Austin installations at a higher education institution (previous installations are limited to primary and elementary schools within Austin ISD).  They are also the first installations to incorporate new Gridpoint unit technology, which greatly enhances the monitoring capability for research and teaching and allows the array to be accessed online from any Internet connection.
The projects were dedicated on March 4, 2009, and commemorative plaques were installed in April 2009 to mark the event.  Subsequently, the City of Austin opted to replace the original analog electric meters with WIFI digital electrical meters. The projects were handed over to ACC faculty in May 2009 to be used as research and teaching instruments to support ACC's Renewable Energy Programs.  They stand as visible examples of ACC's commitment to renewal energy technology and are the first of many projects that will raise such awareness at ACC and within the community-at-large.

Riverside Campus Project Status:
The project is almost complete.  The only work yet to be completed is the tie in of the electrical system of the solar array to the main electrical panel in Building C.
See Photos 1-2.

Rio Grande Campus Project Status:
The foundation for the equipment shed has been constructed and the construction of the equipment shed itself is underway.  Meridian Energy Systems, Inc. should begin construction of the solar array (pole foundation) and digging the trenches for the underground conduit runs after Christmas Break.  The project should be completed by mid to late January at the latest.  See photos (3-4).