** There is a new object code for furniture. You must use object code 6708 on your requisitions **

The Facilities Department is accountable for ensuring that any acquisition of or alteration to furniture and equipment comply with code requirements, conform to ACC standards, and represent the best long-term value for the College. See ACC Administrative Rule 5.02.004 for more information.

Furniture Request DEADLINE: MAY 5
Items purchased with current fiscal year funds must be received prior to August 31. Therefore, Furniture Request Forms must be submitted by May 5th to allow adequate time for the process of reviewing, assessing, obtaining quotes, manufacturing and shipping times. Requests received after that time will be reviewed, but may not be assessed prior to the end of the current Fiscal Year, based on the priorities of the Capital Projects currently underway. Pre-Approved chairs are subject to the Purchasing Department deadline of June 14th.

Pre-approved CHAIRS
The Facilities Department has developed a pre-approved list of standard chairs. These chair choices represent the best long term value and ergonomic qualities. These chairs can be requisitioned from your departmental budget per standard purchasing processes. Email to request a chair quote.  Be sure to include the name of the chair selected, and the color choice for the vinyl upholstery and/or the mesh back material.

All other furniture requests
To acquire all other furniture items, a furniture request form will need to be submitted.

For requests of an ergonomic nature, please contact the EHS Department, Robert Rogers for an Ergonomic Assessment.

ADA Accommodations
Employees requiring ADA accommodations should consult with their supervisor. For further information regarding ADA accommodations, refer to college policy and guidelines.