Existing Campuses

Project Manager: Pamela Collier, 223-1012

Planner: Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects

This project will examine all existing campuses and assess campuses relative to Facilities Standards, development regulations, land use plans, transportation plans, utility plans and more.  The Campus Master Plan will develop a timeline to implement the full scope of work along with budget-level estimates of probable cost of construction for each project. 

The Austin Community College District 2012-14 Master Plan incorporates the outcome of the campus master planning process, completed in 2011.

Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects (BGKA) developed the Campus Master Plan with the input of Campus Advisory Committees, which include representation from each campus and the surrounding community.

Update 4/2/10:
The Planning Team led by Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects is fully engaged in the project and making great progress.  They have met with and received input from ACC Deans and Department Heads and the community via the Campus Advisory Committees for each of the seven campuses.  They have also assessed the space utilization, student capacity, parking capacity, and needs at each campus in addition to researching and reviewing the District’s library of previous reports, studies, audits, etc. in order to expand upon them.  The Planning Team is also assessing each campus in terms of accessibility, MEP systems, and future expansion.  The programming phase of the project will be wrapping up at the end of April.  The Planners are also currently working on a demographics study to establish enrollment projections through the year 2025.  The next steps in the process are to analyze each site and their needs and to begin to develop the Master Plan along with phasing/sequencing and cost analysis.  Each of ACC’s seven existing academic campuses will need to expand over the course of the next fifteen years in order to accommodate the projected enrollments associated with Closing the Gaps.  The Campus Master Planning project will be completed by the end of the calendar year 2010. 

Update 1/11/10:
Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects with Aguirre Roden has been selected as the Planning Firm for the Campus Master Planning project.  Tours of each of the seven existing academic campuses have taken place in December.  The Planners have been reviewing an extensive list of existing reports, audits, assessments, studies and analyses along with site plans, floor plans, enrollment schedules and other pertinent information to become educated about ACC.  Meetings with College Deans, College Departments, Campus Advisory Committees and the ACC Steering Committee will occur periodically throughout 2010. 

Update 11/2/09:
Since the September 21st Board of Trustees’ “Kick-Off Forum” for the ACC Campus Advisory Committees (CAC), we have held CAC evening meetings throughout the month of October at each of our seven campuses.  The Board of Trustees is expected to select the Planner at tonight’s meeting. 

Update10/1/2009 :
The Selection Committee has recommended four firms to make a presentation to the Board of Trustees on October 5.  The ACC Board of Trustees will select the successful firm to be awarded the contract at the November 2, 2009 Board Meeting. 

Meanwhile, Campus Advisory Committees for each of the seven existing instructional campuses will meet in October.  The purpose of the Campus Advisory Committees is to:

  • Enhance understanding of ACC’s regional mission, instructional goals, and its districtwide Master Plan.
  • Review institutional effectiveness data, provide input for the Campus Master Plan, and provide input regarding future bond initiatives.
  • Provide a welcoming forum for discussion of community interests which affect ACC, and build mutual understanding, trust, and stronger relationships.
  • Develop knowledge/talent of potential ACC Foundation Board members, etc.
  • Enhance the capacity of the campus to respond to local needs and interests by soliciting local community input regarding campus programs, services, and initiatives.
  • Integrate the campus into its surrounding community by providing formal inclusion in college/campus activities for members of local neighborhoods and businesses.

Campus Advisory Committee Meeting dates are as follows:

Riverside Campus – October 6
Cypress Creek Campus – October 13
Eastview Campus – October 15
Northridge Campus – October 20
South Austin Campus – October 22
Rio Grande Campus – October 27
Pinnacle Campus – October 29

Update 8/14/09:

ACC is currently reviewing qualifications for the Campus Master Planning project. The Scope of Services (taken verbatim from the RFQ) is as follows:

Scope of Services
The District will expect the Planner/Architect/Engineer design team to provide the full range of investigations, analyses and recommendations needed to develop Campus Master Plans for all selected campuses.  ACC will provide the selected design team with previous studies, and any other available information relevant to the design process for the Campus Master Plans.  The design team will be expected to provide any additional investigations necessary to develop the Campus Master Plans.  The scope of the work by the design team will include:

Documentation of a campus by campus program for allocation of instructional space for programs with unique spatial needs, and for administrative and support space;Development of a set of building design standards for spatial and functional needs of major spaces common to most campuses;Analysis of a limited number of scenarios of acquisition of additional property at various campuses to allow expansion of the facilities;Recommendations of expansion options, both on existing property and on the potential additional property;Recommendations to improve the energy efficiency and water efficiency at campuses, and to implement structural changes which will improve the opportunities for use of alternative modes of transportation commuting to the campus;Assessment of the full range of renovation which should be recommended for each existing building based on completed studies provided by ACC and on analyses by the design team;Development of a plan of implementation to construct the new facilities and sequentially renovate the existing facilities, including timelines and estimates of cost of implementation;

The assessments noted above will include, at minimum, the following considerations:

  1. Development regulations affecting each campus location, including building and other codes, zoning, environmental and other regulatory criteria;
  2. Comprehensive plans affecting the area of each campus;
  3. Existing and planned transportation, utilities and other public infrastructure;
  4. Accessibility standards;
  5. The recommendations of the District’s Facilities Master Plan (2007);
  6. The programming criteria for the Round Rock Campus (2008);
  7. The District’s Facilities Condition Audit (2003);
  8. The District’s Parking Study (2004);
  9. The District’s Fire Alarm and Suppression Audit;
  10. The District’s Security Audit;
  11. The objective of complying with LEED for New Construction, LEED for Existing Buildings, or a similar recognized standard for sustainable building in each construction project;
  12. Maintaining sufficient space, parking, utilities, etc., for ongoing instruction and other operations during implementation of each project;

The District intends to select the Planner/Architect/Engineer design team in November, 2009 and begin work immediately.  Completion of all Master Plans is expected by the end of December, 2010.

Determination of sufficiency of utilities needs to be confirmed by the Planner/Architect/Engineer as part of the design process.