Faculty Evaluation

Welcome to Faculty Evaluation!

Faculty evaluation is an integral part of teaching excellence at ACC and is required of all faculty members. We value both student and faculty input for our continual growth and professional development. We were able to quickly move all of our traditional paper evaluations online after the shelter-in-place order. We learned of a few challenges in the process as we adapted to this emergency. To better prepare us for the future and reduce our carbon footprint (we used around 9,600 pink envelopes and 180,000 forms last year alone), we are going to implement the following improvements to our course evaluation process starting this summer. 

Easy Access for Students

Students will now be able to take the course evaluation through a link in Blackboard (Option 1). They will be able to see the course and the instructor’s name next to the link for each course evaluation. This process is more accessible and avoids additional links and logins. In addition to the Course Evaluation Link in Blackboard, students can also do the course evaluation through a link embedded in the email message from the course evaluation system (Option2). The Course Evaluation link will be in the left navigation starting in Fall 2020. If you are teaching during the summer, follow this instruction to add the shortcut link in your left navigation. 

Here's a demo video showing you the student's experience taking course evaluation in Blackboard (no audio). 

Easy Access and Immediate Feedback for Faculty

You will also be able to use a link in Blackboard to see students' response rates before the course evaluation window ends and see the results after grade submission. Here's how the panel looks like after the reports are made available to faculty (30 days after the course evaluations are closed).

fac panel

Longer Response Time for Students

To encourage higher student response rate, students will now have about two weeks to complete their course evaluations. With the paper evaluation in the past, students had to attend class on the day and at the time of the course evaluation in order to participate. Students can now have the whole two-week window to complete the evaluations. They can do it at any time, on any device, anywhere.

No Disruption to Instructional Time

According to an ACC faculty survey conducted in 2019, one of the main faculty concerns about paper evaluations is that it takes away precious instructional time. There is also a rule that faculty can not be in the same room when students take the evaluation. This is especially an issue with early college students who are required to be monitored during class periods. This move to online evaluation in Blackboard will give faculty back the instructional time and solve the issue of faculty presence in the classroom.

Training and Outreach for Faculty and Students

A series of training and educational materials for faculty and students will be available through the event registration website, student life social media, MyACC mobile App, and ACC newsletters to faculty and students. An educational video with interviews of faculty and staff about this new system and process will be available in July. 


  • How may I encoruage students to prticipate? 

According to 2020U & 20202S Faculty who received 85-100% response rates, the key is to remind your students and let them know how much you value their input.

Ideas from your peers:

        • Take a 10 mins break during your online lecture to do the course eval
        • Post an announcement with the promotional video
        • Email a reminder
  • Will faculty receive a notification when the survey is ready? 

Yes, the course evaluation system will send a message to the instructor.

  • When will survey results ready for faculty and how can I see it?

The survey results will be open to you 30 days after the course evaluation survey is closed. 

  • Will the Course Evaluation panel in Blackboard show a generic message to let students know that the evaluation is not available yet (before the scheduled time) and will be ready at the scheduled time? 


  • Will students receive a notification when the survey is ready? 

Yes, students will receive an email with the survey link.

  • Have students gotten words about the new process?

Yes, we have collaborated with Student Services and offices that work directly with students, such as Ascender or Student Government to push the words out. Here's a sample promotional video for students. 

  • Are course evaluations accessible?

Yes, the Faculty Evaluation office is working with the Student Accessibility Office to ensure accessibility on our course evaluations.

  • What is the evaluation calendar?

Your course evaluation survey will open at the scheduled time for you and students.  Course evaluations will open during the penultimate week of the course to include the pre and post weekends. This will provide the student with 9 days to complete the evaluations prior to the last week of class.


  • What is BOX (for Deans and Department Chairs)?

BOX is a secure file storage system managed by our IT department. You can think of it as a more secure version of Google Drive. Currently, ACC Faculty Evaluation office uploads these field into each department chairs and deans’ BOX folders per our standard process:

-Faculty course evaluation results

-Grade distribution report

This is a big improvement from our old way of sharing documents with you via flash drives. The memo regarding BOX was sent to department chairs and deans on June 3, 2020. 

You may visit the BOX Youtube channel to learn more about the tool.

To request additional access to the department/AOS folder(s),submit a moj ticket and indicate the roles for each additional access.

For issues with your account, contact John Wilsonmay (john.wilsonmay@austincc.edu) at IT.

  • What do I do if I see a "User Not FOund Erros" message in my Blackboard panel?

User Not Found

This is caused by duplicate accounts in the system (You teach in different Areas). Contact FacultyEvaluation@austincc.edu. A staff will help resolve this issue for you. 

Your stduents' view/process is not affected by this.


We want to hear from you!

Let us know your feedback on the course evaluation process by filling out this survey. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns at FacultyEvaluation@austincc.edu.