Distance Education Faculty Evaluation

Distance Education provides students with a flexible, convenient way to earn college credit. Instead of attending classes on campus, students participate in non-traditional courses offered through a variety of delivery modes. Learn more about Distance Education >

ACC made available the opportunity to evaluate Distance Education instructors and courses online in 2007.

Course/Instructor Evaluation Guidelines - Distance Education course evaluation guidelines are in the procedures manual (p.5)

Evaluation timelines

For course evaluation purposes, distance learning courses run on the same semester schedules as on-campus courses and have deadlines for completing assignments and exams. For all evaluation purposes, Distance Learning courses are treated like any other course. See the evaluation calendar here.

  • For distance education courses, the evaluation process takes place online. 
    Be aware that after the term ends, students can no longer access the online evaluation survey. 

  • Students will not be able to use the online evaluation once they have received a grade for the section. 
    All evaluations should be done prior to the end of term date. 

  • Also, once a course evaluation has been submitted, the student will no longer be able to evaluate that course/instructor. 
    This ensures that the student evaluates the course only once.

The process and timeline for reporting evaluation results is the same as for the current paper/pencil evaluations. Student/faculty confidentiality is also the same. Evaluation results and comments will be stored in Datatel and distributed with the report to both the instructor and department chair.

Remind students

Professors should remind students of the opportunity to evaluate their distance learning instructors at least two weeks prior to the end of term or end of course See the evaluation calendar here.

Remind students that evaluations can be done at any location with internet access.

How to access the online evaluation survey

These surveys can be accessed via Blackboard or Online Services. Both of these links are on ACC’s main home page.

  • Distance Learning courses are evaluated via Online Services.
  • Students can also access the evaluation site via Blackboard. It can be found in their log in page.

Access from Blackboard 

  1. On the Blackboard page you will find the ACC Online Services link at the bottom of the Tools area ( the left hand column). Click on ACC Online services. 
  2. Click on current students
  3. Sign on
  4. After signing on to Online Services, click the distance education link under Faculty Evaluations at the bottom right side of the page.
  5. Once in, select the current term. A list of the student’s current DE courses will be displayed, along with the faculty names teaching the courses.


Here is a link for a tutorial showing how to complete the evaluation form. This page illustrates how students select each course/faculty member, complete the evaluation, and submit it. It is important to fill out the entire form (not just the comment section) in order to capture the best data possible.

Other information

A distance education form sample containing the questions asked in the DE course evaluation.
Form C - Open Campus form

Distance Education Faculty

The Distance Education evaluation process is governed under the same guidelines and procedures for all other courses.
More information such as evaluation calendar, procedures, etc.

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