Faculty Evaluation Results

Faculty Evaluation Results Ratings

What does my rating mean?

The Student Evaluation Rating is based on all sections taught by a particular instructor for each form type (Lecture Only, Lecture/Lab, Clinical). The rating is computed by totaling the responses for all categories (Always, Very Often, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Never). The percentages for each response category are calculated in relation to the total responses. The percentage scores are then added and the rating is determined based on the following table:

Student Evaluation Rating Cutoff
Excellent   Very Often +Always ≥ 90%
Very Good   Often + Very Often +Always ≥ 80%
Fair (called “Good” in Class
 Sometimes + Often + Very Often +Always ≥ 70%
Needs Improvement   Rarely + Sometimes + Often + Very Often ≥ 60%
Unacceptable   Lesser combinations

*The “Good” term is a pre-programmed term in the Class Climate Software. The ACC Summary Form rating of “Fair” is based on the mathematical threshold above.

Where do I find the rating?

The last page in the PDF report is the “summary of all sections.” The rating is presented in this last page of the PDF report (the bottom line) and is calculated from the “summary of all sections.”

Faculty Rating Report

Note that you will receive a separate report for each type of survey form (instructional method). If you teach an “Only lecture” and a “Lecture lab” course, there will be separate reports for each of these formats and perhaps different rankings. This is so because the software is designed to only summarize by type of survey.

As mentioned above, the last page in the PDF report is the “summary of all sections,” and the last line of the table presents all totals for the sections in the PDF by column; there you can see the total for each column. To determine the percentage score, divide each column total by the cumulative total of responses, and then add the resulting percentages beginning with very often + always.

For Example: Using the Summary Report above, you would calculate the rating as follows. The ALW (always) column has 190 responses. 190 divided by 197 (total responses) = 96%. The VOFT (very often) column has 4 responses. 4 divided by 197 (total responses) = 2%. You would then total these percentages. 96% (always) + 2% (very often)= 98% According to the chart above, 98% is greater than 90% and therefore the rating is Excellent.

The ALW (always) column has 97 responses. 97 divided by 347 (total responses) = 28%. The VOFT (very often) column has 81 responses. 81 divided by 347 (total responses) = 23%. 28%+ 23% = 51% which is not greater than 90%. Therefore, you will need to include the often responses. The OFT (often) column has 95 responses. 95 divided by 347 (total responses) = 27%. 51% (always + very often) + 27% (often) = 78% which is not greater than 80%. Therefore, you will need to include the sometimes responses. The SOM (sometimes) column has 52 responses. 52 divided by 347 (total responses) = 15%. 78% (always + very often+ often) + 15% (sometimes) = 93% which is greater than 70%. Therefore, since you added always + very often + often + sometimes and it was greater than 70%, the rating for this instructor is “Good”. We use Fair.