Grant Development & Compliance

The mission of the Grant Development & Compliance Department is to help faculty, staff, and administration secure external funds for programs that align with ACC's Strategic Plan goals -

  1. Equity & Access: Increase ACC enrollment to 85,000 annual students in 2030 through equity focused connection and entry processes. 
  2. Persistence & Engagement: Develop an equitable and inclusive learning and student support environment that increases fall-to-fall persistence rates to 58-percent for all students.
  3. Completion and Transition to Employment/Transfer: Achieve equitable results in completion and increase annual credential awards to 15,000 by 2030 in order to improve transfer and employment outcomes for all ACC students. 
  4. Effective and Efficient Operation and Infrastructure: Ensure an organizational environment that promotes equitable student and employee success through effective and efficient operations and infrastructure.


Grant Development & Compliance assists faculty, staff and administrators by identifying appropriate funding sources; designing high-quality grant proposals; fostering relationships with other College departments; facilitating an understanding of the grant application process, and; securing external funds that help meet the College’s mission.