Evaluation Plan

An evaluation plan is often an integral part of a proposal and provides details that will improve a project during development and implementation. An effective evaluation plan will ensure that progress is measured so that intended outcomes are achieved. The Grant Development department is prepared to help you locate an appropriate evaluator for your project. Depending on the requirements of the grant, the search for an evaluator may be conducted within the college, the region, or at the national level. 

Designing an Evaluation Plan

Different Types of Evaluations - Formative and Summative & Different Types of Data - Quantitative and Qualitative 

Formative Evaluation: 

This form of evaluation is ongoing, and helps you to improve your project as it develops. Your formative evaluation may illustrate a clear need for altering the project’s structure and delivery.

Summative Evaluation: 

This form of evaluation determines a project’s effectiveness after a length of time; it determines the project’s actual accomplishments in terms of its goals and objectives.

Quantitative Data:

This form of data involves quantifiable, numeric information:

  • Pre- and post- tests Interviews
  • Participant statistics
  • Reviews of expenditures
  • Surveys/questionnaires

Qualitative Data: 

This form of data involves quantifiable, non-numeric information:

  • Surveys/questionnaires
  • Focus groups
  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Document studies
  • Case studies
  • Subject Matter Expert Opinions