Funding Sources

How to Access Funding Sources

Contact the Grant Development & Compliance Department:  The Grant Development & Compliance Department uses a variety of resources to help you locate potential funders for your projects. Resources include a funder database, listserv sources, various other online tools, and comprehensive knowledge of federal, state, and private grant opportunities.

Contact Your Colleagues:  Colleagues often serve as good sources of information. Contact several of your peers, inside and outside of ACC and ask about their grant efforts for similar projects.

Contact Your Professional Association:  Look in these organizations’ journals, websites, and newsletters for potential funder ideas or leads on grant ventures. Consider the organization’s national or regional clearinghouse as a possible resource.

Speak With the Agency Contact:  After you have located a funder, you can increase your odds of receiving an award if you contact the agency. Share your idea with the program officer, and consider revising your idea based on his/her feedback.

The Grant Development & Compliance Department will assist you with finding a funding source. However, if you'd like to search for grant opportunities on your own please see below:

Funding Resources