Evaluation Committee

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Committee Membership

Human Resources is responsible for coordinating representation from each employee association for this committee. This is not considered a shared governance committee and therefore not eligible for stipends for attending or participating in this committee. Membership is voluntary, and supervisor approval to participate is always required.

  • Membership will be comprised of two (2) employees per Employee Association (Adjunct Faculty, Faculty Senate, and Classified and Professional-Technical), a total of eight (8) members.
  • Committee members serve for one fiscal year and eligible to serve a second fiscal year with supervisor’s approval. No member can serve more than two consecutive fiscal years.
  • Committee membership will be kept anonymous from the College community.
  • Committee members are not eligible to receive Level 2 or Level 3 during their time of service.

For any reason, if employee association participation is not fulfilled, the Vice President of Human Resources may identify employees to serve in this capacity.