Level 2: Excellence

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Current Awardees

Congratulations to the Riverbats Employee Excellence awardees. These employees were nominated by someone who recognized their exemplary customer service,  as demonstrated by excellent communication, collaboration, or responsiveness in support of the mission, vision, and values of ACC.

Thank you for your dedication, commitment and service to the staff, students and community! Please take the time to congratulate these outstanding employees.

Please continue to nominate valuable ACC employees by accessing the nomination form here.


Excellence Award, Fall 2020
Rene Gonzalez CYP
Carolyn King EVC
Whitney Ground HYS
Miguel De Leon HBC
Karl Meyer HLC
Amanda King NRG
Sandra Diaz RVS
Christine Hall RRC
Michael McCarter SGC
Terry Patterson SVC
Adrian Graham SAC


Previous Awardees

Excellence Award, Spring 2020
Name Campus
Patricia Phea CYP
Sarah Peterson EGN
Jessica Oest EVC
Haydeana Gaviria HBC
Marc San Marco HLC
Lauren Arruza NRG
Vanessa Hollis RGC
Alanna Hollyway RRC
Joe Davila-Ybarra RVS
Kenroy Burke SAC
Viviene Nuen SGC
Deborah Massaro SVC


Excellence Award, Fall 2019
Name Campus
Beau Montano CYP
Erin Bannen EGN
Ginger Locke-Floyd EVC
Sarah Haywood HBC
Samantha Wells HLC
Sandra Elizondo HYS
James Wade NRG
Victor Ibarra PIN
Jennifer Garcia  RGC
Jesse Saunders  RRC
Jodie Klinger RVS
Patrick Troy SAC
Edith Perez SGC
Kate Johnson SVC