State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC)

Your 2020 Welcome Challenge from Chancellor Rhodes! Get Started Here

During the 2019 SECC, Austin Community College employees generously contributed over $55,000 to local, statewide, national and global charitable organizations. We are proud of ACC's commitment and concern for those in our community who need an extra helping hand to face financial, personal, and physical challenges.  

Please read this memo from Dr. Rhodes announcing the State Employee Charitable Campaign.  Then, check out this video from some of your fellow Riverbats to see how the SECC helps so many diverse charities in the Ausin area.  

Giving back to the community is great for the soul and can really help us feel good, especially during times of great need like we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic!  Think about the ways you can GIVE, whether it's signing up for a monthly payroll deduction, giving a one-time donation, or donating through a virtual campus fundraising event.  Even as little as $2 a month can have a significant benefit to the SECC charities, and if we all just give a little, think how much we could do.
Sign up to GIVE HERE!!
Click HERE to view the 2020 Charity Guide Booklet with all of the approved charities for this year, or find your favorite charity through the searchable Charity Finder HERE. You can also watch videos from some of the participating charities HERE.  
Check out this encouraging video HERE from long-time SECC supporter, and our very own mascot, R.B.
For questions on how to donate contact Mauri Winters at or 512-223-7577, or reach out to the SECC Coordinator on your Campus.  

 How to Give

  Payroll Deduction

For those who wish to donate through payroll deductions, there is a new online process - Online Giving Form for Payroll DeductionYou do NOT need a state email address to complete this form. Please use your ACC email address. YOUR PAYROLL DEDUCTION FROM LAST YEAR WILL NOT ROLL OVER TO THIS YEAR. If you donated last year through a payroll deduction, you must complete the new payroll deduction online form this year.  Please review these INSTRUCTIONS before you start the online process or if you need assistance when you are completing the online payroll deduction form.

  One-Time Donation

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will NOT be accepting cash or checks this year. For those who wish to make a one-time donation, you may do so using a credit/debit card through the Online Giving site.

Please donate today and thank you for your generous donations to the SECC campaign!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Mauri Winters, College Wide Campaign Coordinator at 512-223-7577 or