Institutional Planning & Evaluation

The Institutional Planning & Evaluation Department is responsible for overseeing the District-wide processes of institutional planning and program review, ensuring that all units of the College participate and benefit from these processes.   

The Institutional Planning & Evaluation Department supports the College’s mission, vision and strategic plan by promoting institutional effectiveness, quality assurance, and continuous improvement of programs and services, District-wide.  This is achieved through providing leadership and oversight of the District's Institutional planning processes and activities, integrating assessment, planning and budgeting on all levels of the College, and evaluating the effectiveness of institutional initiatives for well-informed decision-making, planning, and resource allocation. 

We provide training/professional development on how to engage in the College's planning process, including the use of TracDat (Nuventive.Improve)-- the assessment and planning online database that allows all units across ACC to enter, store, track, report, and document information used to make continuous improvements to their areas.

For more information, contact Marcus Jackson, Director of Institutional Planning & Evaluation at: