Accudemia - Academic Center Management Software

Accudemia is a web-based academic center management system that allows for center check in/out, tracking visits, appointment management, academic early warning, and feedback collection.


To see pending requests submitted to Accudemia from all institutions, visit Accudemia's Uservoice.

Recent customizations to ACC's Accudemia domain can be found Here.

Known Issues/Concerns

1. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for your browser when accessing Accudemia.  Do not use Internet Explorer as this will likely result in issues.  Additionally, using Chrome in Normal and Privacy Mode as two separate browsers will cause issues in functionality.

2. It has been realized that there can be limitations to Accudemia with respect to concurrent use of the Intake System for a single center.

In high traffic centers with multiple users managing an Intake System for a single center, users may experience errors when signing students in to an advisor/tutor. Likewise, an error may occur when advisor/tutors are signing students out under similar conditions.

ACC IT Applications is working with Engineerica to find a solution that will address and prevent such issues.