Program Review


Austin Community College’s Program Review process for instructional units provides a framework to guide the reflective evaluation of the content, quality, and effectiveness of program curriculum, an essential part of academic stewardship. While overseen by the Institutional Planning & Evaluation Department, it is a faculty-driven process in which the Program Review Working Group develops its content and procedures. Program Review enhances and ensures the quality of teaching we provide and learning we expect from our students.

Austin Community College’s Program Review process is based on the principles that:

  • Faculty has primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the curriculum.
  • The information resulting from the review of instructional programs should be used to guide program planning.
  • The review process should not be overly burdensome to faculty.

The purpose of the Program Review process at ACC is to:

  • Conduct an authentic and critically reflective assessment of every certificate and degree program that the College offers, including a review of student learning outcomes and the program’s contribution to the College’s mission.
  • Create a three‐year plan that facilitates continuous improvement of each program and that is incorporated into the College’s larger Institutional Planning process.
  • Ensure that external accreditation requirements are met.


  • To encourage a thorough review that is useful, but not overly burdensome to faculty or administration.
  • To facilitate critical reflection on program data and information.
  • To use the findings of the review to enhance program excellence.
  • To support program participation in the College’s Institutional Planning process.