Records and Information Management

The Records and Information Management department was established in 1987 and recognized by the Board of Trustees in 1990 in response to a legal mandate (Local Government Records Act, Subchapter B., Section 203.025) to establish a College-wide records management program by January 1, 1991.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Records Management Program
  • Record Control Schedules
  • Inactive Records Storage
  • Document Imaging Solutions
  • Forms Design and Management
  • Secure Destruction of College Records

Records and Information Management is a HIPAA Business Associate. Any files stored in and Information Management may contain Personally Identifiable Information and, if so, are protected under HIPAA. Any records stored physically or electronically, and transferred physically or transmitted electronically, may contain privileged or confidential information and may be read or used only by the intended recipient. 

If you are not the intended recipient of records transferred by Records Management Services, please be advised that if you have received a record in error any use, dissemination, distribution, forwarding, printing, or copying of the records or files is strictly prohibited. If you have received a record or file in error, please immediately purge it and all attachments (if electronic) and notify the sender. If paper files, please return the records to Records Management Services in a confidential envelope or box. 

If you believe Records and Information Management staff have violated HIPAA regulations, please contact the supervisor immediately at 512-223-1151.