Best Practices

Some tips and considerations while using Austin Community College forms:

  • Before completing a form, verify that it is the current version by checking the College Forms Inventory website. Policies change and forms are updated frequently. Out of date forms may not be processed.
  • Many modern web browsers increase usability by saving a copy of forms you frequently download on your computer for faster access. Be sure to refresh any forms you have previously viewed from the inventory to ensure you are using the current version.

Some tips and considerations for updating or creating Austin Community College forms:

  • When designing or redesigning an Austin Community College form, be sure to leave enough room for the required ACC district logo and header information, as well as the necessary footer which includes form# and record series. See “Procedures” in the Forms Design section for more information on requirements.
  • Before submitting a request for a new form or an update to an existing form, check with your supervisor and/or Records & Information Management if you are authorized to request those changes, and if your changes conform to ACC regulations and policies.
  • The best time to solicit input from other ACC staff on additional changes they may like to request is before the revision process begins. Many minor revisions can require extensive reprogramming of electronic forms for accessibility, and each new revision can cause substantial delays.
  • Keep in mind, Austin Community College provides numerous forms to staff and students regarding programs outside of ACC, such as retirement investment agreements or  scholarship applications for State-wide programs. These forms are not the property of ACC, and the College may not be authorized to make changes or post our own versions to the ACC forms inventory.