Fortis: Questions & Answers

Q  What is Fortis?
A  Fortis is document management software that allows for efficient organization, storage, retrieval, and preservation of College records.  
What is PowerWeb?
A  PowerWeb is a Fortis module that provides access to live Fortis databases over the intranet/internet via web browsers. Once a document is stored (scanned and indexed) in Fortis, it is immediately accessible. PowerWeb provides complete search, retrieval, and viewing of documents.
Q What documents are available through Fortis/PowerWeb?
A  Records Management scans documents that have been identified for permanent retention.  

How do I get access?
Authorization to access records must be obtained from the originating department owner of the records.  

Q  Do I need special software?
A  Yes.  ActiveX Control software is required to view documents accessed by Fortis PowerWeb. Users are prompted to install this software upon their initial login to the system.

Q  How much training is needed before staff can begin using PowerWeb?
A  Because PowerWeb strictly adheres to Windows standards and uses a standardized web browser interface, it is already familiar to many users.  In about 15 minutes, you will be ready to go.  Feel free to visit our website for training or a refresher--A Tutorial on Accessing Records or call us at 223-1151.