Records Center

Records Center staff is responsible for the systematic storage and disposition of inactive records. This service is provided to promote the efficient and effective use of College office space.

The Records Center, located at the Service Center, occupies 1,902 sq. ft. Office space as well as record storage is located on the first floor. The mezzanine (543 sq. ft.) is dedicated to record storage.

The Records Center has the capacity to house 2,616 regulation boxes, 336 check boxes, and 144 folder boxes.

A mobile shelving unit.

In 2007 mobile shelving was installed to maximize the use of the space. We can store up to 1,728 regulation boxes.

A folder box management system.

Folder box management was added to our storage types in 2006. This provides storage of record shipments that would normally fill less than one-third of a regulation box.

The third type of storage available in the Records Center is check boxes.