Personnel Authorization System: Questions & Answers

When are PAs processed?

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am
  • Subject to change as needed

What paperwork does HR need to process a PA for a new employee?

  • Hourly Information Sheet
  • I9 Form

When can I expect to see a timesheet for a processed PA ?

  • 24-48 hours after HR prints/uploads into the system if no problems arise.

How can I find out the status of a PA?

  • Check the PA Website under ­View the Event Log for a PA. 

Why has a timesheet not been created when everything has been submitted?

  • Paperwork has not reached us
  • Paperwork was incomplete
  • Paperwork was incorrect

Why is a timesheet still being generated after I ended the PA?

  • The PA end date may fall in the middle of a pay period, therefore it cannot discontinue at that time.
  • A technical problem has occurred so we don’t have the information to end the PA.

Why is the timesheet not under the supervisor selected on the PA?

  • An error may have occurred when entered manually, contact the HR Records staff.
  • A technical problem may have occurred and the supervisor connected to the PA not was not uploaded.

Why was the stipend the PA generated not paid on time?

  • Deadline may have been missed according to pay cycle (monthly, biweekly)
  • If a grant account, the PA may not have been approved by the Grants office by the scheduled deadline.

If the employee is already working at ACC, do we need to submit new I9 and W4 Forms anda new Hourly information sheet?

  • No
  • Assure that employee is still current at the College.
  • Confirm that employee information in the system has not changed.

Can an Hourly employee be paid with a stipend instead of submitting a timesheet?

  • Hourly employees are not eligible to receive stipends.

Why was a stipend paid in several payments when the comment said otherwise?

  • The number of payments is dictated by the date range used on the PA.
  • Consider how often employee is paid - biweekly or monthly
  • Consider the date the PA was processed versus the effective dates on the PA
  • If date ranges from Jan. – Feb. and the employee is paid monthly, then he/she will receive two payments, one in January and one in February
  • If the date ranges from Jan. – Feb. and the employee is paid monthly, but the January deadline was missed, then the employee will receive one payment in February for both months

Who should receive the paperwork for a new/returning Hourly employee?

  • The Employment and Outreach department of Human Resources.

How do I end a P.A.?

  • Click on Manage PAs then select Hourly and enter PA# or Employee Name and hit Search
  • Next select the Pencil icon and click on End PA Early, located at the right side of screen.
  • Enter end date and select an ending reason from drop down
  • Click on Save

How do I change supervisors on a P.A.?

  • Under Administration, select Change Supervisors
  • Then click on the view button next to Instructions at the top of the page.