First Aid

First Aid is defined as the immediate treatment of injuries such as cuts, burns, and other immediate trauma. First aid treatment may be given to any student, faculty, staff, or visitor who is injured while on ACC property.

First Aid treatment does not include headaches, sinus congestion, allergies, upset stomach, colds, or other illness. No over-the-counter medication is to be given to any student, faculty, staff, or visitor.

First Aid supplies are only available from EHS & Insurance Department and limited to the items on the following page. Order the supplies you need online using this form.

If the department feels something else is needed, contact EHS & Insurance Department for an evaluation.

First Aid treatment should be provided by employees who are currently trained in first aid. Classes are scheduled regularly through Professional Development. Contact EHS & Insurance if the department wishes to have a class for their area.

All First Aid treatment shall be recorded on a log provided to each kit. The log must be completed for each injury. Logs must be returned to EHS & Insurance Department with each order of First Aid supplies. EHS & Insurance will maintain the First Aid logs for legal compliance.

For a list of Kit Locations please click here