Special Event Permitting

The Special Events Permitting Program was created to support the college, its students and departments in permitting major special events. Because the college is large and its initiatives are great, it is important that the college has a centralized focal point that is committed to assisting in the permitting of major events.

Special events are regularly conducted at all levels and locations throughout the district in support of the college’s strategic vision and brand identity. ACC is located in many different cities and counties, each having their own requirements for special events. The Special Events Permitting Program seeks to provide a compliant and consistent approach while maintaining maximum flexibility for events to appropriately reflect the distinctiveness of the college, department, campus or group that is responsible for planning and sponsoring the event.

When involved, this office offers guidance and assistance in the following areas:

  • Maximize college resources in regards to events

  • Support and promote the college’s positive brand image

  • Provide a core group of people to work with event planners for sustainability, contract custodial services, District Police, etc.

  • Serves as the point of contact with city and county permitting offices

  • EHS gathers required information for permits submits permits and pays any associated permitting costs.

    ACC cooperates with the various authorities having jurisdiction as a good neighbor in the community. Cities and counties have worked for the past several years to improve the safety and quality of life of residents as part of their continued efforts; they have a renewed focus on enforcement concerning public assembly events. These requirements are subject to change.

    If you are having a public event where food will be served and if you can answer “Yes” to any of the following questions a temporary food establishment permit will need to be obtained.

    1. Is the general public invited to the event?
    2. Can a person other than a member of the organization and their family members or invited guest attend?
    3. Have you advertised the event or sold tickets to the general public?
    4. Are you serving open food, open container drinks (mixed drinks w/ ice, wine or keg beer) or food that requires refrigeration or to be held hot?
ACC is currently limited to 4 temporary food permits per year.

EHS has developed the Special Events Permitting form to gather necessary information from event planners. EHS uses this information to determine which permits are necessary and submit the permit applications.

 Special Events Permitting form
A meeting will be scheduled with the core planning group within 5 working days after receipt of the completed special events permitting form.

A layout of the planned event is required to be submitted with the special events permitting form. This layout is required for submission of the jurisdictional permit.

Campus Special Events A-Z  (Insert PDF)
This is a copy of the training session held during 2015 Spring Development Day.

Special Events Checklist
Here is a checklist to help you with your special events planning. This checklist is currently used by Marketing for all Marketing events.

Special Events FAQ

Summary of Jurisdictional Requirement