Safety Training

As an employer, ACC is responsible for educating employees on all workplace safety standards and the hazards that they may face while on the job.  Safety training classes help establish a safety culture in which employees themselves help promote proper safety procedures while on the job.

Educating employees on the basics of health and safety can help reduce the number of accidents and injuries, property damage, legal liability, illnesses, workers' compensation claims, and missed time from work.   The training also helps everyone to understand they have a part to play in safety and that they can begin to integrate health and safety into day to day working. 

The College requires safety training for ACC employees based on their job responsibilities.  The purpose of safety training is to ensure employee are informed of the hazards that may be present during their tasks.  They will be made aware of these risks and informed of methods to minimize their exposure.

“Employees” includes faculty, staff, employed students and hourlies who perform work for ACC. Required training is determined by job duties of the employee and the specific hazards within their job scope.  The training programs that have been developed are designed to fulfill regulations and to promote safe practices and to mitigate risks in the workplace and academic setting.

Supervisors should complete all of the same safety training as their employees. The EHS Supervisor series class, which is a four part class is for supervisors only and must be taken in sequential order.


Basic Safety Training Required for All Employees:

The following trainings are required to be completed by all employees:  faculty, staff, student employees and hourlies. You must make a passing grade on the training module quizzes.  With the approval of your supervisor, you will receive Professional Development credit for all completed classes.


Basic Safety Classes 

  • Workplace Safety Orientation
  • Hazard Communication (general)
  • Office Safety
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Emergency Procedures


Buildings and Grounds Ladder Safety


FAQ on EHS Related Training: 


How do I know what trainings I am required to complete?

This is a two part answer.
1. All employees regardless of their employment status (staff, faculty, student employee, hourly) are required to complete the basic safety trainings listed on the EHS website 

2. You may have additional required safety training based on your actual job duties.  Examples, driving an ACC vehicle, using a ladder, using hand and power tools, working with chemicals, working in a lab, and many other activities have a required training component. Additionally Human Resources, your supervisor, department chair, etc. may require other trainings.


How do I know which required safety trainings I have completed?

By logging into the Professional Development website, employees can view and print their Professional Development records.  From this website, you can also register for all of the safety  trainings. You can also contact David Watkins or Becky Cole .

How do I logon and access Professional Development?

Go to and log in with your ACCeID.

Where do I complete required training?

The Safety Training Matrix lists the required training by job responsibilities.  Training can be classroom or online, depending on the particular training.  For classroom training, the class location is list with the class.  All EHS safety training begins with a prefix of EHS in the title of the class.  Online classes are identified by the word ONLINE at the end of the class title.

Who decides what training is required?

ACC President signed Management Safety Statement on 2/19/03 outlining EHS authority to determine trainings relevant to an employee’s job responsibilities. Supervisors may request or require further training.

How do I request specialized EHS related / additional training for myself or my staff?

Contact David Watkins or Becky Cole

Some EHS Classes are held at Service Center South located on the south frontage road of Ben White between The Warehouse (Billiards) and Bill Miller BBQ


Contact David Watkins or Becky Cole for ACC Safety Training.