Staff Professional Development and Evaluations

We are aware that all employees' Cybersecurity Awareness Training will expire 08/31/2021.  For FY 21/22 all mandatory training will be handled through our new ERP, Workday.  More information will be sent to all staff and faculty soon. ALL mandatory training for new and current employees is suspended starting Monday, August 9, 2021 through November 1, 2021.  Employees will be able to resume training to fulfill requirements after November 1, 2021.

Welcome to the Staff Professional Development and Evaluations Programs Office.

In order to assure that ACC has a highly productive and efficient staff, the Staff Professional Development and Evaluations Office encourages and supports the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills of all ACC staff employees by coordinating and providing the highest quality professional development opportunities for staff. 

Refer to the following A.R. 6.07.002 for information regarding Professional Development Hours at the College.