Mandatory Compliance Training

Required of Every Employee (Mandatory)

  1. ADA Awareness

  2. Sexual Harassment Prevention

  3. Cyber Security Awareness  
    + Cyber Security Awareness FAQ documents
    (Google Doc-View Only)
    + Do you need to pick up where you left off on Cyber Security? Click on this link and sign in with your ACC eID Credentials. 

  4. VAWA Training (Violence Against Women Act)
    Training facilitated by Student Services Office of Compliance.
    For issues completing VAWA training please contact

    + VAWA Training Memo (PDF)
    + Title IX District Compliance Office Webpage

Recommended Requirements (Non-Mandatory)

Read more at the Health Sciences HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Webpage.

  1. HIPAA Non-Health Sciences (General Employees, Non-Health Sciences Employees ONLY)
  2. HIPAA For Health Sciences (Health Science Employees and CE Health Science Employees)


Austin Community College follows the guidelines outlined in Chapter 21, Section 21.010 (Employment Discrimination Training for State Employees) of the Texas Labor Code with regard to training about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP). In accordance with these guidelines all ACC employees shall receive employment discrimination prevention training that includes information about ACC’s policies and procedures relating to employment discrimination and sexual harassment. 

+ New employees must be in compliance no later than the 30th day after the date of employment or the date of employee assignment.
+ All Employees are required to maintain mandatory compliance, and other required training every two years or when an employee receives notification.
+ Active Employee is defined as a staff or hourly employee with a current position or an adjunct/faculty employee who has a current teaching or course assignment.

Need more information

The Workshops and Events Registration Application is the location for registering and viewing upcoming professional development opportunities for all employees. Please refer to the Board Policy DK for further clarification.

Visit "Professional Development Questions and Answers".

How to record your credit on Workshops Registration Application

Watch a short video below on the Workshops and Event Registration application basics and learn How to complete mandatory training. 

  1. Upon successful completion of your online workshop, take a screenshot. Retain the screenshot of your completion in your Documents.
  2. If you do not see your credit reflected within 2 business days, Scan your certificate to (NEW) Most mandatory compliance training programs will allow you to follow the prompt to confirm your credit by entering either a) your ACC eID or b) your Name and Email Address as shown in the Employee Personnel Record.
  3. If you encounter an error processing your credit, Contact the Professional Development staff and send documentation to

How to access ACC credentials for All Employee classifications

New Full time employees may activate ACC eID credentials online by visiting this URL 
New Employees must be complete with mandatory compliance training no later than the 30th day after the first date of employee assignment.

NOTES: Adjunct Faculty and Hourly Employees training requirements criteria for obtaining access is dependent on your last pay date, as such, if you are to receive a paycheck on Friday, please try to access the training site again on the following business day. For Employees in Adjunct Faculty and Full-time Faculty employees must have a current (semester) course assignment.