Staff Evaluations

Cyber Security Training can only be taken once per year. FY 20/21 training will be available 09/01/2020. We are unable to publish training before 09/01 due to state certification requirements. The campaign period will be from 09/01 to be completed by 10/31.

Staff Evaluation Office Philosophy and Role

The purpose of the Staff Evaluation Office is to provide a system for the appraisal, development and documentation of all staff performance. The system of evaluation is designed to ensure the quality of work performed meets ACC's needs and more.

The Staff Development and Evaluations Office will be your contact for any questions related to the Staff (non faculty) Performance Evaluation Plan (PEP) and all staff development related questions.

Our main system for performance evaluations is our Performance Excellence Program (PEP). All self and official evaluations can be found within the system as well as any archived evaluations from previous years.

Staff Evaluations Coordinator
Cameron Keel