Upward Evaluation Procedures

ACC wants all employees to do well in their jobs. One tool we use to set goals and measure performance is the Annual Performance Review. Supervisors are responsible for creating a comfortable work climate.

You know first hand how well your supervisor is doing. You work closely with your supervisor all year long. Therefore, it is important that you evaluate your supervisor. Everyone has a role in making ACC successful and that includes you. Your opinion counts. Your voice will be heard. ACC administrators will listen to what you have to say about your supervisor’s work performance.

Why should I evaluate my supervisor’s work performance?

Your evaluation regarding your supervisor’s effectiveness is important. It will help identify areas in which he/she is doing well and/or needs improvement. Your feedback will become part of your supervisor’s performance evaluation and help him or her set goals for the year.

The upward evaluation (UE) form allows you to rate your supervisor in various important aspects of their work (Employee development, Collaboration and Communication, and Leadership). The form also provides an opportunity for typed comments. Use the form to evaluate your supervisor’s work performance for the entire past year.

  • Answer as fairly as you can.
  • Feel free to make comments

Some employees may be uncomfortable about evaluating their supervisor. Remember:

  • The reports are left anonymous unless you choose to put your name in the comment section
  • The next level supervisor has been instructed NOT to show this form to your supervisor.
  • This is an opportunity to give constructive feedback, without fear of retaliation.

Will my opinion make a difference?

YES! The next level supervisor will take into consideration your opinions and comments made through this evaluation process. The information you provide will be used to evaluate your supervisor’s overall work performance and create a professional development plan.

Who sees the reports?

The next level supervisor receives the report via e-mail. The reports integrate the information in such a way that it is very difficult to identify respondents. A typical report looks like this example, click here--UE report sample(PDF).

How many e-mails will I receive?

Each e-mail contains a password that gives you access to the evaluation survey. So each e-mail will give you access to evaluate your supervisor, department chair, or dean.

  • If you are a faculty member--you will receive two passwords via e-mail, one to evaluate your department chair and to evaluate your dean.
  • If you are part of ACC's staff--you will receive one password via e-mail to evaluate your supervisor.
  • Some of you are both faculty and staff members. This group will receive three e-mails.

Please fill out all the surveys you receive.

So, how do I use the online form?

Take a second to view this multimedia presentation about the PEP program timelines and to see an animation on how to access the online form. Click here--Understanding the Performance Excellence Program Timelines

You will receive an e-mail that includes a URL and a Password that gives you access to your evaluation form. Click the following link for more information -- Steps to access the Class Climate Upward Evaluation Survey (PDF)

How long does the upward evaluation (UE) period last?

The UE surveys will stay active for about two to three weeks.

The name of the supervisor in my survey does not match my supervisor's; what do I do?

Contact the Staff Evaluation Coordinator at ckeel@austincc.edu.

Next Level Supervisor--How do I interpret the UE PDF Reports?

The four point scales in this report are generated by averaging the ratings of: Strongly Disagree (SD), Disagree (D) , Agree (A), Strongly Agree (SA). The reporting generates graphs and general distribution for the four areas that were developed: Employee development, Collaboration and Communication, and Leadership.

Quartile scale


Strongly Disagree



Strongly Agree

Average value

0 - 1

1.1 - 2

2.1- 3

3.1 - 4