Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students: Responsibilities of Instructors and Students

ACC is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations for deaf and hard of hearing students.

Instructor Responsibilities

In addition to becoming familiar with guidelines for working with deaf students, and working with ASL interpreters, instructors should:

  • Help the student find a volunteer note-taker in the class as necessary. A student who commits to taking notes throughout the semester may be eligible for a stipend.
  • Be present, if possible, when tests are administered to clarify how the interpreter may interpret questions without revealing the answer.
  • Allow certain accommodations, such as extended time to complete a test, or written instead of oral reports.

Student Responsibilities

Deaf or hard of hearing students should:

  • Contact Interpreter Services before the first day of class if accommodations or an interpreter are needed.
  • Inform the instructor and Interpreter Services if they will be absent. Services may be suspended or terminated for the class for the semester after three occurrences of failing to provide Interpreter Services 24 hours advance notice of an absence. (Students are advised of this policy at the beginning of each semester).
  • Contact Interpreter Services if an interpreter fails to show for class. If a substitute is unavailable, the student and instructor determine whether another class with an interpreter is available, or whether the student can review missed work during the instructor’s office hours.
  • Discuss interpreting problems directly with the interpreter or contact the Interpreter Services Supervisor.
  • Inform Interpreter Services at least 3 days before an interpreter is needed for tutoring, study groups, field trips, etc.
  • Provide note-takers with carbonless notetaking paper available from the Office of Students with Disabilities