Student Affairs Communications Resources

The Student Affairs Communication department provides internal communication and branding support to all Student Affairs departments in the following areas:

  • Communications and marketing outreach strategy
  • Print and digital graphic design
  • Digital promotion via social media, email, and MyACC app and more
  • Photography/video production and event support
  • Basic website edits and consultation

Student Affairs Communication collaborates with the ACC Office of Communications & Marketing with a specific focus on serving internal Student Affairs staff needs and enforcing the ACC brand via internal district communications.

Need assistance? Contact us via the Communications Request Form below:

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(NOTE: Please utilize this document template if you are submitting information about multiple events and attach it to your communications request form.)


  • Graphic Design Tool
    • is an online graphic design tool available to all Student Affairs departments and staff. The account contains pre-approved poster/flyer and graphics templates that have been branded with the ACC brand fonts, the Student Affairs color palette, and departmental logos. Templates are free to use for approved Student Affairs staff. Final proofs are subject to approval by Student Affairs Communication prior to printing and distribution in the ACC district.

      The Student Affairs Canva account is intended for Student Affairs staff use only and requires a training prior to access.

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  • How to Order Print Materials with ACC Duplication
    • ACC Duplication Services provides college-wide printing services for ACC faculty and
      staff. To order print materials, contact, attach your file(s) to be printed,
      and use the following email format:

      Subject Line: “Print Order for (Department): (Description of Item to be Printed)”


      Please see the file attached and print (# quantity needed, print size in inches, specify color
      or black & white, specify printer paper or cardstock, specify double-sided if needed).

      Once printed, please mail to (Name, Department, Campus, Room Number, Phone Extension).

      Thank you,”

      Print Size Reference:
      - Poster: 11”x17” (tabloid), to be hung up, order on cardstock
      - Flyer: 8.5”x11” (letter), to be hung up, order on cardstock
      - Handbill, half-size: 5.5”x8.5” (2UP), to be handed out, order on cardstock, specify double-sided if needed
      - Handbill, quarter-size: 4.25”x 5.5” (4UP), to be handed out, order on cardstock, specify double-sided if needed
      - Brochure: 8.5”x11” (letter, tri-fold, double-sided), to be handed out, request brochure paper"

      More about Duplication Services
  • Video Guidelines Training
    • This training will provide resources, tips and tricks on how to create a branded and informative video for Student Affairs departments to share with their students, on social media or for internal communication needs. Additionally, this training will cover how to create a virtual event and recommended best practices to ensure the event is safe and inclusive for everyone.

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