Email Use Guidelines

The purpose of the Austin Community College's electronic mail services is to advance and further the goals of the College as they are specified in the College's charter. The intent of this policy is to ensure that all uses of the College's electronic mail services are consistent with the mission of the College.

To ensure that efficient and equitable use of the connection is available to all appropriate users, the following guidelines are specified.

Acceptable Uses

  • All use in direct support of the mission of the College. Use in support of the mission of the College includes, but is not limited to:
    • communication with colleagues in connection with instruction or research,
    • use applying for and administering grants,
    • communication and exchange for scholarly or professional development.
  • Vendor communication relevant to official ACCD business.
  • Communication incidental to otherwise acceptable use, except for illegal or unacceptable

Unacceptable Uses

  • Any use for illegal purposes, or in support of illegal activities.
  • Any use for commercial purposes or political lobbying.
  • Any use that serves to interfere or disrupt the use of email and messaging services by other users. Uses that interfere or disrupt the use of other users include but are not limited to:
    • chain letters,
    • "spams" (messages broadcast to large numbers of people),
    • illegal schemes or activities.
  • Communication that could be considered harassing, including but not limited to racial
    slurs and obscene language.
  • Anonymous mailings, or mailings which impersonate another individual.

Initial use of Austin Community College's electronic mail services serves to affirm an individual's acceptance of these guidelines. Activities judged to be inconsistent with the guidelines may necessitate the removal of the individual's ability to use the College's electronic mail services.

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