LISTSERV Information

ACC Official Employee LISTSERV's

ACC maintains fifteen LISTSERV's for communications with employees. Each campus has a list, each employee group has a list, and there is a list for all employees.

ACC has employee Listservs to broadcast announcements by email to ACC employees. Authorized administrators, faculty and staff can send messages to the employee lists.

To send email to the employee lists, employees should submit announcements to a member of the President's Leadership Team.

Every ACC employee is required to be on at least three employee Listservs:

  • a list for all employees
  • a list for their job classification

Employees are automatically placed on the LISTSERVs they are required to be on. If you are not on the employee Listservs you should be on contact the Supervisor for HR Records, Bobetta Burns at or (512) 223.7571.
If you would like to be on a LISTSERV you are not required to be on, contact your department Administrative Assistant. An Administrative Assistant can place you on additional LISTSERVs by using XOFF.

The names and purposes of the employee Listservs are given below.

  • ALL_ACC_EMPLOYEE - For communication with all employees as a group.
  • Job Classification Listservs - For communication with all employees in each job classification.
  • HOURLY-L - Hourly employees.
  • CLASSIFIED-L - Classified employees.
  • PROFTECH-L - Professional Technical employees.
  • ADJ-FACULTY-L - Adjunct Faculty
  • FT-FACULTY-L - Full-time Faculty
  • Campus Listservs - For communication with employees work at each campus.
  • HBC-L - Highland Business Center
  • EVC-L - Eastview Campus
  • PIN-L - Pinnacle Campus
  • RGC-L - Rio Grande Campus
  • SAC-L - South Austin Campus
  • SVC-L - Service Center
  • CYP-L - Cypress Campus
  • NRG-L - Northridge Campus
  • RVS-L - Riverside Campus

A note about campus lists

The employee may contact their department administrative assistant and ask to be assigned to the list for the campus where they work in addition to the list for the campus where their department receives their paycheck through the Datatel XOFF system.

A note about job classification lists

Some employees have more than one position at ACC. Employees are automatically placed on every job classification listserv for every type of job they hold at ACC.

Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information, and communicate effectively over email and on the web.

At ACC, we use Google Groups instead of department email accounts, and listservs.
You may create your own group with the naming convention:

If you do not want the –user in your group name, please complete the following form to have us create a group for you. You will maintain your group membership and settings.

Request for a Google Group

We recommend that you take the Google group class through ACC's Professional Development website. You can take the class online, or attend a workshop.

Google Groups Workshop