Hardware & Software Standards

Why standardize?

ACC’s desktop, laptop, software, and server platforms are selected based on extensive review of the offerings from our preferred vendors. We select them based on a number of factors and with input from several areas of the college. We also select them based on the replacement cycle that we have been directed to implement by the Board of Trustees. The hardware we choose is specifically selected for its durability in a high-use academic environment. We also choose products that can be reliably maintained across the broad range of academic and administrative uses at the college.

How can I find out what the standards are?

For commodity hardware (desktops, laptops, etc.)  the Campus Wide Technology and Capital Outlay Committee has an up-to-date list of acceptable computer hardware offered by the college. This list (Replacement of Faculty and Staff computers) is updated frequently based on model and product line changes.

What if I need something special?

If, for some reason, you have a need that cannot be met by any of the products currently available, please contact the IT or IRT department to discuss what alternatives can best suit your purposes. If you are interested in some kind of customized solution or in adopting a server-based application you must contact IT or IRT. ACC does not have the resources to support every possible server and operating system configuration. If you don’t consult with technology specialists on hardware and software purchases there is no guarantee that support can be provided.